druna - tableland
contact improvisation, dance, movement, experience, voice and meditation

Space on Druna

Hall in Trojická

area: 170m2 (17m x 10m)
background: reception, change-room, kitchenette, shower, toilets, one room for the lecturer available
equipment: mixer (2x stereo input, 2x mono input), 2x speakers, 2x microphones, chairs, mats, meditation pillows
space: Is located in the courtyard. Has natural oak floorboard, which is accessible barefoot. The arch is lit by natural light from above. The windows overlook the courtyard with greenery and trees.
suitable for: courses, workshops, lectures, dance training, rehearsals, corporate events, meetings
where: street Trojická 10, Prague 2 (near of riverbank, not far from Charles or Palacky square)
contact: more info at T +420 725 449 409 E druna@druna.cz

Space for Bodywork, Individual Care and Therapy

area: 24m2 (4m x 6m)
background: toilets, entrance hall with waiting-room, kitchen, bathroom with bathtub
equipment: futon, massage table, little table with armchairs, simple sound systém – CD player with connection for MP3 or PC, pillows, blanket
space: Is located on the top floor with lift. East windows ovelooking the church and trees. Oak parquet floor (entrance barefoot or slippers)
suitable for: rooms for bodywork, individual care and therapy
where: Prague 1 (in center of the city)
contact: more info at T +420 725 449 409 E druna@druna.cz

Žíl centre in Orlice mountains

area: 100m2 in the hall (9m x 11,5m)
5 800m2 of open grass space around the house (58m x 100m)
background: hall, dining room, showers, 2 toilet rooms, massage room, common sleeping hall, 2 separated room for sleeping, attic workroom, cellar
equipment: mixer (2x stereo input, 2x mono input), 2x speakers, massage table
space: hall and dining room on the ground floor, sleeping and massage room on the first floor, accessible barefoot or in slippers, natural oak floorboard in the hall, dining room serves also as a social room, big windows and glass walls evoke a feeling of a connection with nature and the space is permeated with light all year long thanks to them
surroundings: the house is situated in the unmistakable foothill nature of Orlice mountains full of dense forests and wide meadows and wolds which evoke the feeling of enough space to breathe a live, from the top of the hills beautiful sceneries can bee seen, the terrain is colorful and articulate and the forests interwoven with wild streams tempting for a swim. the small village of Přím is a peaceful place where during day bird singing, wind humming and cricket chirping wafts through the landspace and during the night the true dark prevails and only the moon and stars illuminate the wide sky. the house lies in the middle of a large grassy space directly neighboring with a forest and a meadow, without fence so a trip is always just a step away
suitable for: up to 18 persons, dance or therapy courses and seminars and other
where: Javornice Přím 33, Orlice mountains, well reachable from Prague (160km, 2h by car) and Brno (133km, 2h by car), also well reachable by train or by bus all the way to Rychnov nad Kněžnou
contact: more info at T +420 725 449 409 E druna@druna.cz