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About Flying - Contact Improvisation

30th August – 3rd September 2017

Myths, images and of course lots of dance practice: a workshop in Contact Improvisation with Adrian Russi.

What are the images and phantasies that I carry in my mind about flying? What is needed as preparation for the flight and what will happen afterwards? How is all this working in a bird’s body? And how do I experience the moments of flight in my own dance?

The desire to fly, to sense lightness and freedom while dancing, is for sure one of the reasons for many of us to learn and to practice CI. And although you will meet the same risks in flying as in falling, most dancers have a rather positive association with flying. There are many dreams and fantasies to reach a state of ongoing flight without any effort – but according to my experience save and enjoyable flying needs a lot of patience as well as a deep engagement and readiness to work with the body and with gravity intensively. And it is certainly an advantage to be smart and modest enough to recognize even short moments of flight as a possible way of flying and to learn from it for longer phases later on.

In this workshop we will explore how to use gravity, momentum and stable bodies in motion in order to reach lightness in flight. We will work with timing, body-communication and weight, your own as well as your partner’s – and we will experience that weight is first of all neutral. If it feels heavy or light depends on our inner attitude and on body intelligence – things that we can train and influence quite directly!

For participants with experience in CI who want to meet gravity well consciously and joyfully, ready to surrender to movement and to enter a deep learning process.

Adrian Russi (Switzerland)

Adrian Russi is travelling all over Europe and sometimes intercontinentally to teach and perform Contact and Free Improvisation. He is deeply involved in CI since 1992 and in the meantime he is dedicating the biggest part of his life to this wonderful dance form.

After his studies of New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his further education with many different teachers, among them Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Nita Little. Besides this his teaching is influenced by his own research work and by studies of different kinds of martial arts and of Craniosacral Bodywork.

In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of CI as well as on matters of perception and on a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure to play, deep engagement in the dance, total presence and respect for others are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI.

As a performer he works with many different international artists and his performances are primarily based on Free Improvisation incorporating Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music.


The workshop is intensive

- Wednesday 5p.m. – 8p.m.

- Thursday and Friday 1p.m. – 5.30p.m.

- Saturday and Sunday class 10a.m. – 5p.m.

The price is 170 EUR if paid before 1st of August. After this date the price is 190 EUR. For reservation deposit 90 EUR must be paid in advance.
People from out of Prague can sleep on Druna. You can sleep in your own sleeping bags right in the hall or surrounding spaces, which will be available for you for 10 EUR per night.

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