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(bodywork and massage)

Bodywork that restores dynamic balance of the movement apparatus. The quality of touch, pulling, pushing directly influences the movement structures: tendons, muscles, bones and fascia. It brings them back the lost flexibility, it gives the body an opportunity to get back to the original neutral positions and move in a natural range. Manipulation softens stiff places and sets them in motion, it extends the space in the joints, stimulates or on the contrary releases the tension in different parts of the body, regulates tonus. It helps get rid of excessive tension, dissolve blockages and it brings relief from pain.

At the same time it influences the function of the nervous system: its ability to self-regulate, its sensitivity, preciseness and continuity. By stimulating some of the stagnating areas it is possible to achieve better tissue nutrition at places where the movement doesn’t go through easily and the metabolism had not been sufficient.

Balancing also influences deep muscles and allows the bones to return to their right position. The whole movement system gets a chance to get back to natural positions, where the range of motion gets greater and the effort gets smaller and where we can fully utilize the support of the ground.
The basic effect of this work consists in influencing the body as a complete system where every part influences the others and where everything is mutually balancing. It relies on transformations and movement. It thus doesn’t primarily seek the right position, but the right function.

Immediately after balancing you can perceive your body as a complete whole that is able to move more effortlessly and better. You are relaxed, the tension leaves and you are getting rid of the pains that are connected with it. The time spent on balancing is also an opportunity to switch off, relax, get rid of the immediate stress, connect with your body, pay attention to it.

Zita Pavlištová

She devotes herself to movement and therefore also to methods that liberate the body and the mind, that bring new possibilities, renew its natural movement functions.

In the long term she’s devoted to the research of the possibilities and limitations of the physical anatomy in movement, she studies and seeks a utilisation of this knowledge in practice, she develops methods that help cultivate movement skills and come nearer to the edge of human abilities.

Along with the movement research, she studies the methods of bodywork, develops a remarkable technique of listening to body. By sensitive influencing, she discovers how to bring the body in balance, how to renew the health, correct disfunctional relationships, release tensions and change incorrect movement habits, look for the natural balance and flexibility.

She cooperates with doctors and therapists on an international level, she has a permanent clientele and also utilises and shares her knowledge at international festivals and meetings.


Single treatment 90 min:     1 100 Kč
Set of 3 treatments: 3 000 CZK
Set of 6 treatments: 5 400 CZK


tel: + 420 723 253 757
email: zita@druna.cz
place:     Spálená 21, Praha 1

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