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Balancing - New Year's Eve Party

30 December 2019 – 1 January 2020

We will spend the time of transition from the old year to the new one dancing amid snow-covered forests and hills in a warm house with an open view to the landscape, winter sunrise and sunset. We will slide into the body, liven up and together with masters of improvised music we will jam a dance both gentle and wild, both attentive and rash. Enchanted, sensitised, immersed, sweaty and with eyes shining wide bright. Again and again we tune, search and change in contact.

Contact improvisation in Orlice Mountains is an opportunity to retreat from noise, to get closer to each other and to see purely, to feel our own body and to listen deeply. Movement and physical contact, live music, great dishes, walks throughout the landscape, swimming in the ice-cold water under the rock in confluence of two wild rivers… that’s the coolest New Year’s Eve for us.

You are welcome no matter how long you are familiar with contact improvisation or if you are just tempted to discover it. You will find out how little is enough.

What can you expect:

  • Four three-hour jams with short collective body and mind harmonisation and warm up at the beginning. Landing in the Body Jam (Monday 20:00 – 23:00), Jamming in Memories Landscape (Tuesday 15:00 – 18:00), Balancing Ritual (Tuesday 20:00 – 23:00), Transformations and Transparency – Meditation in Contact (Wednesday 10:00 – 13:00). At the jams the room becomes space of collective creation, harmonized cooperation and attentive perception.
  • Morning lesson for body and mind inspiration which will help you find mobility and lightness in contact improvisation, connect with your body, open your senses and release your fantasy in the right moments to make decisions (Tuesday 10:00 – 12:30).
  • Midnight passage into the New Year (Tuesday 23:30 – Wednesday 1:00)

Zita Pavlištová

She will organize morning blocks devoted to awakening body and mind. She will introduce the essence of contact improvisation, cooperation with partner and movement games. At the beginning of each jam she will lead a short introductory tuning where we will explore different qualities, moods, feelings and inspiration for the movement.

Michal Turek

He provides accompaniment for each evening jam with improvised music on violoncello and electrical guitar, together with singing, words, poems and rap. He also creates sound atmosphere at the morning classes.

Žíl is located at the foothills of Orlice Mountains in the village Javornice – Přím. GPS coordinates are 50.169522, 16.392851. If you plan to come by train or bus, let us know, we can pick you up at the station.

We will await you on Friday from 5 pm, the program begines at 8 pm. If you wish to arrive later, please let us know the estimated time.

Price 140 EUR. For reservation deposit of 50 EUR needs to be paid in advance.

Meals and accommodation 30 EUR.

The New Year’s Eve Party will be preceded by Long Wolf Jam (27 – 29 December). If you reserve your place at both events, discounted price applies: 200 EUR for both workshops and 70 EUR for meals and accommodation.

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I am interested in:   Balancing - New Year's Eve Party | 30. prosince 2019 - 1. ledna 2020 | Zita Pavlištová, Michal Turek
Long Wolf Jam + New Year's Eve Party | 27. - 29. prosince + 30. prosince - 1. ledna | Zita Pavlištová, Michal Turek

For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.