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Bodywork According to Moshe Feldenkrais

28 January – 1 February 2019

Žíl in Orlice Mountains

5 days of education applying the skills and insights of the Feldenkrais Method to massage and other bodywork modalities.

The Feldenkrais Method offers particular insights on using touch as a means of communication that effects underlying patterns of movement, posture, limitation, stress and efficiency. Functional Integration, the bodywork aspect of the Feldenkrais Method, is its own in depth method that takes years to learn. However, many of its underlying principles and skills can substantially enrich other massage and bodywork practices.

The week is going to revolve around three themes:

  • the power of reducing effort
  • integrative skeletal contact
  • how mobilization becomes functional learning

These transform a bodywork session into a dialog with the aspects of a person that organize tonus, movement and self perception, which foster a deep somatic experience of transformation.

We are going to explore new skills, integrate them into our existing methods and do some Awareness Through Movement to clarify certain principles of the Feldenkrais Method. Those coming to the workshop should already have experience with a bodywork modality.

The weekend prior to the retreat there is also going to be a Feldenkrais method workshop focused on the significance of circular patterns in our movement.

Joe Stoller (USA)

He has been researching and teaching movement, touch, and somatic awareness since 1998. He is a Feldenkrais Method teacher, Contact Improvisation teacher, and a Shengzhen Qigong instructor. He is also a registered massage therapist integrating Shiatsu, Phenomenal Touch, Myofascial Release and Somatic Education.

Throughout his international career, he has received a Watson Fellowship for research on Contact Improvisation(CI) in diverse cultures, taught regular Qigong and Awareness Through Movement classes at the Present Moment Retreat (Mexico), and danced extensively with Tumblebones in Boulder (USA).

As a massage therapist he has worked in various contexts including a therapeutic center specialized for athletes, a yoga retreat center, high class spas and in private practice in The United States France. His approach to teaching encourages processes of transformation and learning something new while holding a deep respect for people finding their own way.

Žíl is the place where it all is going to happen. In the foothills of Orlice Mountains in the village of Javornice – Přím. GPS coordinates are 50.169522, 16.392851

The workshop is intensive, arrivals on Monday before 12:00, leaving on Friday at 16:00.

Price 215 EUR. To book a place the deposit of 95 EUR must be payed in advance.

Accommodation and food 100 EUR.

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Workshop:   Bodywork According to Moshe Feldenkrais | 28 January - 1 February 2019 | Joe Stoller (USA)

For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.