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Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy for Babies

12 – 15 January 2020

Cooperating biodynamically with neonates, babies, toddlers and their families. We organise this advanced training in cooperation with International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing (ICSB). Bhadrena C. Tschumi is offering courses to work with the little ones since 1985 and has initiated many changes in the approach since then. She is a pioneer in craniosacral biodynamics and the work with the beginnings of life.

These important transition times need to be accompanied and supported with a loving and kind awareness and presence.

The treatments themselves foster the expression of the vital forces, which form and orient the young body. They regulate and regenerate functions and help reorienting structures to their original plan. Treatments in craniosacral biodynamics support the integration of experiences that happened during pregnancy and birth.

The principles of biodynamics and pre- and perinatal therapy allow the practitioner to work systemically and to strengthen the connection to the main care givers. Parents or people, who hold an equal position, are co-participating in the process and also benefit from the treatments.

Bhadrena will be showing the work with the little ones and their care givers. She will work with them in front of the class. Participants will observe and accompany the sessions from far and will learn via direct attunement and synchronicity.

Each course is unique, since the inherent treatment plan, which guides each biodynamic session, will also guide and inform the sequence of the course. Each course is one of a kind, since also parents and babies, which participate, determine the treatments through their individual requests and needs. We can all learn from what they bring to us.

Contents can vary and contain any of the subjects below:

  • Preparation for birth and support during birth
  • Birth processes
  • Natural birth sequences
  • Different stages of birth and their specific birth dynamics
  • Effects on the body and cranium
  • Interventions and complications
  • Effects of complications, interventions and medications
  • Fundamentals and systemic principles of a biodynamic session with a baby
  • Primary respiration as a guiding principle
  • Being guided by the Tide
  • The inherent treatment plan with babies
  • Interactive exercises and practice amongst participants
  • Videos and keynote presentations
  • Debriefing of the demonstration sessions

Learning goals

Participants gain the following competences:

  • they maintain and develop existing therapeutic competences in craniosacral therapy
  • they gain skills to support, foster and improve the general well-being of babies
  • they accompany a systemic approach through presence and attunement
  • they integrate the alive principles and new treatment approaches through direct co-participation and cooperation
  • they deepen neutral, compassion, respect and contact and experience the effect on themselves
  • they apply primary respiration and the tide as a guiding principle
  • they follow the inherent treatment plan and implement it practically
  • they recognize birth patterns and support their resolution
  • they support and encourage the contact between the unity of mother/caregiver and baby
  • they respect the boundaries of this unity
  • they accompany and facilitate the ability to self-regulate
  • they cooperate with the inherent Health and strengthen the holism of the baby
  • they transfer the principles creatively to other individual situations


Craniosacral Therapists with good knowledge and practice in Biodynamics, can be open to students in their last study year after assessment through the course leader.

Bhadrena C. Tschumi, MA, BCST, RCST®

She studied pedagogics and psychology and worked as a teacher for several years. Since 1974 she is involved in continuous training for different therapies and is a body-oriented therapist since 1980. She lived in the USA, where she worked in the Esalen Institute and the Trager Institute in California and the Upledger Institute in Florida.

Dr. Richard McDonald, DO, as her teacher, introduced her to the work with babies in his neonate clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. She teaches the craniosacral approach for babies and kids since 1985 internationally.

She is inspired by the newest development and research in interpersonal neurobiology with all its intricacies of brain development through human contact, bonding and attachment.

Her biggest wish is the availability of craniosacral biodynamic evaluation and treatment to all neonates, to boost growth and development and give them a good start into life.

Treatments with Bhadrena

Families with neonates and toddlers up to 8 months can seek treatment with Bhadrena during the course. She will work every day with one kid and parents, which will contribute to the learning experience. Registration is for treatments is possible via e-mail to druna@druna.cz.

The course is intensive: Sunday – Wednesday, 9:30 – 18:30.

Price 665 EUR + 140 EUR VAT. For a reservation of place the deposit 305 EUR must be payed in advance.

Interested in the seminar? Book your place!

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For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.