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Dancing On the Wings of the Hummingbird

Sunday 16 June 10:30 – 17:30

In this workshop, we will tune in to the Summer with the Dance of the Hummingbird to dance it out in joy, harmony and love. A day full of dance, movement and rituals with everything the hummingbird symbolizes. Hummingbird teaches us about the joy of life and the strength of sound and vibration. It brings courage in situations where we face emotional challenges, helps in the time of physical travelling (journeys, change of home or work, etc.) and is also considered a symbol of completing something that is considered impossible.

The colorful hummingbird looks as if it danced in the wind from flower to flower. It has a remarkable ability – it can fly not only forwards, but also backwards and sideways, while making a special sound.

The Indians see him as a magical creature summoning love and blossoming flowers. It strengthens the feelings of joy and enjoyment of life. This soul state is the most beautiful gift we can get from a hummingbird. In addition to the joy of life, he teaches us to sense the power of sound and vibrations.

When the Hummingbird flies into our life, it brings the medicine of joy and compensation. We can see the treasures in the heart, the beauty, the diversity and the splendor of creation. It amplifies the heart rate, teaches us to know our vibrations, and not to take things from the outside too personally, but look at them as an expression of the mental state of others. He points out that everything is included in the smallest. Thanks to that, small things can become the biggest, as many good things grow from small and simple kind deeds.

This workshop will be full of dance, movement and rituals. Dancing with the Hummingbird we tune into a wave of harmony, joy and love in life. We connect with the energies of the elements and dance to the harmony with the lightness and joy of the hummingbird.

Cross your boundaries and experience the dance as a creative process, in all its depth and content, and surrender to it completely. Just accept what comes to you, live right here and right now and dance thorugh life with joy.

Dance on the wings of a hummingbird!

Michaela Petersen

„My journey through life led me to the Indians Qero to Peru and to the Elderly Circle in Colombia and Brazil. I lived with Toltecs in Mexico, danced the ceremonial dances at the pyramids with them, been taught at shamans in the Andes in the Southwest USA… eventually this the journey led me to an encounter with the Inuit shaman Hivshu. „

She leads personal growth seminars and movement courses in Denmark, Czechia, Portugal, Spain and South America. On her visits to the natives of South and North America, she deepened her communication with animals and studied dances until the three „ways“ merged – free movement, communication with oneself and with animals, working with shamans, and learning the traditional dances of different nations.

Workshop is intensive: Sunday 10:30 – 17:30.

Price 70 EUR. For the place reservation it is necessary to pay the deposit of 20 EUR.

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Workshop:   Dancing On the Wings of the Hummingbird | Sunday 16 June 10:30 – 17:30 | Michaela Petersen

For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.