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Dynamic Balancing

(bringing movement into the body)

The method encourages and develops the basic attribute of the body – to balance itself by movement. It opens, connects and activates your body. The work takes place during the movement. The therapist arouses the movement in your body and maintains it throughout the work. For the client, it means maximum relaxation, minimum effort and activation of the subtlest motoric reactions. Even the experience of the automatic body balancing itself is a brand new feeling, unrestrained, liberating. We are looking for the dynamic balance of all the mutually moving tissues, we are looking for the healthy body stance that is constantly changing. We utilize and renew the body’s ability to keep balance by the change of position and movement rather than by consolidation, stopping and increasing the tension.

We are looking for the compensatory movement by which your body reacts to subtle forces throwing it out of balance. By gentle leading from the outside, your body is kept in space, in movement, in flow. The process starts in a lying position and in lower positions on the futon and can be gradually transferred up to the standing position. Everything is preceded by long enough phase of relaxation and clearing the body.

The therapist utilizes inertial forces, gravity, knowledge of the anatomy and of the function of the body in movement. She leads various parts of your body in a way that minimizes effort, work of the big muscles, in order to activate opposite parts of the body that are mutually balancing each other and prevent the activation of defence reactions that block movement, instead of letting it through and balance it. By influencing trajectories of particular parts of the body and joints, it gradually lets you release the control and got carried away.

All the tensions in your body are being balanced. This practice balances the tonus of tendons and muscles through the movement, it prepares open and healthy joints, it restores the body’s ability to balance in movement. At the same time it mitigates the overload of some muscle groups, while others are activated. The range of movement is getting larger and relaxation is cultivated.

You can integrate new experiences, functions and ranges right in the movement. You discover directions of the movement and trajectories that you usually don’t utilize sufficiently. Conscious and uncounscious blockages are dissolved exactly in the pace that is suitable for your body and mind in the moment. In order to support your process of growing awareness, you also obtain a certain amount of theoretical information about the function of particular parts of the movement apparatus, what are their abilities and limitations.

It enriches the variety of possibilities, it teaches you – be it consciously or unconsciously – which of your movement habits are efficient and which are limiting you or overload you too much. During the work you reveal your possibilities and abilities to move with such ease and grace that you would hardly imagine right now.

By working systematically, you’re becoming more and more certain. It’s a work suitable for people with motoric problems, for those who feel that their flexibility in body and mind is decreasing, for people with pains of movement apparatus, but also for dancers and athletes who work in extreme conditions or want to develop the whole movement apparatus without destroying their body.

Zita Pavlištová

She devotes herself to movement and therefore also to methods that liberate the body and the mind, that bring new possibilities, renew its natural movement functions.

In the long term she’s devoted to the research of the possibilities and limitations of the physical anatomy in movement, she studies and seeks a utilisation of this knowledge in practice, she develops methods that help cultivate movement skills and come nearer to the edge of human abilities.

Along with the movement research, she studies the methods of bodywork, develops a remarkable technique of listening to body. By sensitive influencing, she discovers how to bring the body in balance, how to renew the health, correct disfunctional relationships, release tensions and change incorrect movement habits, look for the natural balance and flexibility.

She cooperates with doctors and therapists on an international level, she has a permanent clientele and also utilises and shares her knowledge at international festivals and meetings.


Single treatment 90 min:     1 000 CZK
Set of 3 treatments: 2 700 CZK
Set of 6 treatments: 4 800 CZK


tel: + 420 723 253 757
email: zita@druna.cz
place:     Spálená 21, Praha 1

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