Pelvis - Empowering Life and Dance

Saturday 5 September

Butoh and embodiment workshop

In the unknown ocean of life which we need to navigate what and where is the helm of our vessel-body?

Static pelvis, dynamic pelvis, danced pelvis, breathed pelvis… The pelvis is the helm, the centre of the body, of stability, of visceral intuition, wisdom; the place where life takes its origin; the place of magic and miracles.

Force absorber, catalyst, the pelvis can function but also disfunction, holding bad memories, blockages… This workshop is about feeling, rebalancing, reconnecting and transforming our pelvis. For bodyworkers, dancers, professional in the performing arts as well as for beginners or people with stiff blocked pelvis.


  • Anatomy of the pelvis and Alignment
  • Yoga for pelvis
  • Breathed pelvis
  • Awakening of the pelvic floor
  • Dynamic Anatomy
  • Empowering exercise for the core of the body “Koshi”
  • Embodiment practises
  • Improvisation

The workshop is open to dancers, actors, artists and people interested in uncovering layers of the body regardless of age and experience.

Tiziana Longo (Italy)

Motimaru follows a continuous line of art that has roots in nature and goes across cultures. Looking for intersections between ancient and modern. They define dance as a way to experience the deeper reality of our existence and experiment with creating a new authentic dance method beyond any genre. Their background is in performing arts, modern dance and martial arts. They convey the substance of butoh as an essence that can be transferred to the contemporary directions.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday 9:00 – 18:00

Price 110 EUR. To book a place a deposit of 50 EUR must be payed in advance.

When the deposit is paid before 20 August the price is 90 EUR.

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