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Enhanced Body Perception - Anatomy Muscle Trains

Synthesis of Feldenkrais method and Craniosacral technique for higher level of perception

23 – 26 July 2020

Intensive workshop to achieve a perfect movement image of our own body and ability of subtle work with different ways of moving. It reveals two components determining our movement patterns – the physiological and the adopted one. While the physiological pattern is given by the body structure, the adopted pattern of our movement is subconsciously acquired during the whole life by imitating others. The workshop teaches you to distinguish between these two interconnected components so as to gain possibility of direct connection to the physiological part of your movement habits.

Physiological part of the movement is given by anatomic muscle trains in our body. They are the connection of muscles, fascia and ligaments. During this workshop you will discover important muscle chains in your body, you will learn to differentiate between them and you will become aware of influence of different kinds of experience attained throughout your life. With awareness to your sensory perceptions you will acquire more acurate neurological image of yourself.

Thanks to somatic meditation, visualitsations, anatomic cognition and a set of tools of the Feldenkrais Method you will awaken your awareness of your physiological movement, somatic anatomy and also you somatic-emotional body. You will revive awareness of you body and wit that you can feel more colourfully, perceive more in detail and live more in full – because to wake up to your own body means to wake up to your life as such.

About the work of Yakir Elkayam

Yakir Elkayam’s workshops from the cycle Enhanced body perception – catalyst for change and healing provide advanced work with possibilities of enhanced sensory perception. You will understand how it changes body image, helps improve your abilities and how it activates and supports healing processes and enables to get rid of stress and burden.

Intensive somatic work with the aim of enhancing the access to the proprioceptive sensation and developing the ability to distinguish perceptions and to experience their abundance. Time dedicated to research and inquire our own body image, anatomical structure and its role in locomotion, opportunity to get into body parts that have been inaccessible. The Feldenkrais method and Craniosacral technique provide effective and direct techniques to enhance proprioceptive sensation in our own body, which brings new, always up to date body image. With enhanced body perception somatic changes unfold and it allows us to work with our body image, to change it.

Our body, boosted with enhanced perception can regenerate better and faster and it can learn new pattern of movement. The body image represents our neurological pathways and holds within it the keys to our habitual patterns. The body with enhanced perception experiences frequent transformations of its own image and it activates new potential, disposes of unfunctional patterns and it can learn new, effective ones. This produces feelings of relief, enlivening, ease and appetite for living and discovering both the world and our own self.

Days of a deep dive into the realm of body sensations. New ways of perceiving one’s body and its motion will take us to truly intimate journey to ourselves. Alternating the setting from meditative observation into movement sessions and experimental walking. In order to support this mode of consciousness a gentle touch from the Functional Integration technique of the Feldenkrais method will be introduced, furthermore we will experience soft and perceiving contact typical for craniosacral work.

Yakir Elkayam (Israel)

Yakir Elkayam is an independent researcher exploring the interlinks between the anatomical patterns of the body and the mental patterns of the psyche. At the beginning, he looked for new effective ways of developing the somatic potential as teacher of Dance-Theater and later on continued to specialize in the Feldenkrais method and Craniosacral technique. He is a founder of a Bodywork clinic where he applies a multi-method approach including Buddhism, Body Awareness, and Anatomy, to advance the alignment of Body and Mind.

The workshop is intensive (Thursday 16:30 – 19:30, Friday and Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 17:00).

Price 270 EUR. If the deposit of 100 EUR is paid before 23 June the price is 230 EUR.

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