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Free Your Mind - Transform Reality

weekend 29 February – 1 March 2020

This seminar reveals the brain as a powerful tool to achieve life happiness and spiritual growth. It undeceives us from the deep-rooted habit to see the mind as an enemy of the heart. We will see the mind as a beloved part of ourselves which greatly influences the quality of our existence in the world. We will experience the brain and mind as our proper component making it possible to make our life colourful and full of possibilities.

During this workshop you will get in touch with your mind. You will gain the ability to approach it using images and words so as it understands you. You will learn several highly effective procedures and techniques to acquire beneficial patterns of thinking, as well as to get rid of the harmful ones. You will find out that you have the power to choose your thoughts. You will become friends with your brain and you will fill it with possibilities and unconditional love. You will experience unity of thoughts, emotions and feelings in a single magnificent dance.

Shamanic teachers say: „The body is in the mind“. The conditioning of our mind determines our experience of life itself. It influences our emotional harmony with the world around us. Even though we feel limited by the mind, not our mind itself is the ‘bad guy’. The real cause is in mental patterns which we have acquired during our life and which form our mind. Our mind has accepted them in good faith and in effort to oblige us. The mind keeps on being fed up implicitly, however we have the choice of the food we will serve. Any acquired pattern can be broken of and replaced by another one, beneficial to us. Using the right techniques we can speed up the whole process considerably.

During this workshop:

  • You will explore how to feel your thoughts rather than thinking about feelings.
  • You will experience session of brain healing which will lead to more relaxed and stretched mind.
  • You will learn to understand how your thoughts influence your somatic experience and you will connect with them more intimately.
  • You will acquire the ability to waken up your curious mind and you will experience the effect on your relations to the world and people around you.
  • You will learn a variety of simple and playful techniques for mind purification and reprogramming in such extent that you will be able to create your own every-day healing program.
  • You will discover your own limiting beliefs and you will learn how to reverse them any time they stop you from getting free.
  • You will provide and receive a Body Drum Release session setting free the wisdom of your body and mind.
  • You will learn how to use your posture to reprogram your mind.
  • You will be guided to a strong self-hypnosis to get in healthy, friendly and beneficiary contact with your mind.
  • You will connect to the original energetical plan of creation which will nourish your spiritual actions, memories and understanding, without pressure and stress, on the path of beauty and harmony.

You will experience and learn variety of powerful techniques which you will be able to practice after the workshop at home or anywhere else you like. Its effects are tremendous and these techniques are amusing and playful so you will enjoy getting back to them without any discipline necessary.

Wilka Zelders (Netherlands)

Woman uniting both sensitivity and power. Deep insights with profound grounding. Teacher and coach who enables you to find a path towards your best self. In such a way that already the path becomes fulfilling experience. Always with full faith in you. She prefers practical procedures with imediate effect to longish methods with theoretical result. She helps you find your unique life path and to realize that the world is awaiting you. She stands ready for you when you need support and she provides wisdom and encouragement. Wilka is author of many books on the topic of Life energy. She also shares her insights beyond the five senses through her images which inspired prophet cards designs.

The event will take place in Trojická st. 10, Prague 2, near the riverbank, close to Charles or Palacky square.

The course is intensive: Saturday 9:30 – 18:30, Sunday 9:30 – 18:00.

Price 160 EUR. For reservation the deposit of 65 EUR needs to be paid.

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