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Hearing and Healing

weekend 1 – 2 June 2019

An intensive process of developing voice capacity based on physical body action and through it. A workshop that uses the practice of yoga and the movement potential of contemporary dance to form and transform voice capabilities. The workshop, which has attracted tremendous interest in Austria, Germany and other European countries, is a unique combination of spiritual levels of singing with physical and vocal techniques that free singing and give it impressiveness. A workshop in which you are going to feel the vibrational potential of the body and its various parts, experience how the sound is created in the body through movement and through changes in muscle tension, in fascias and in mind.

We will begin to perceive the human body as a unique instrument whose music is voice. We will taste the experience of a fully sounding body. We will understand the different qualities of vocal sounds such as color, density, volume and resonance. The physical activity we are developing at the same time: yoga asanas and dance can extraordinarily expand the possibilities of your voice expression and expression range. They sensitize the body and prepare the body energetically for making and absorbing sounds. Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) methods will help us to influence and reform the biomechanical ways in which the body speaks, sings and sounds.

We will feel how the sound and the body interact with one another. Also how the voice speaks to each cell, it changes the quality of the body and how it models our mind or soul. How places deep within us, touched by vibration, begin to resonate and spread the vibration. There is harmonization, return of health, awareness of unity and balance.

The workshop teaches how to use your voice to elevate own self. We will produce primordial seed sounds and practice the mantra meditation (Bija) and connect voices into a joint song. (Bhakti Yoga). In singing itself, each of our actions will be amplified many times by the power of the group field.

To participate there is no need for any experience with singing or any singing skills.

Kyler Breed (USA) and Gregor Krammer (Austria)

Two artists and teachers for whom movement and physicality have a huge influence on the creation of music and vice versa. They live and work in Vienna and work together in a dance theater, their movement and singing workshops travel through Europe, they lead two choirs, one of which is the first Vienna’s „non-singing choir“ led with the belief that everyone has the ability to learn how to sing. In both families, music played an important role. Kyler sang in his father’s college choir from the age of three, and he hasn’t stopped singing ever since, Gregor, a voice coach and certified Complete Vocal Technique teacher, was influenced by his father – a professional drummer who passed on a passion for rhythm to him. Both men are also dancers. Kyler has trained many movement forms including contemporary dance and contact improvisation, teaching yoga, dancing and performing. Gregor studied dance in Winnipeg, Canada and then became the driving force behind the Voguing scene in Vienna.

Workshop is intensive: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 – 18:00.

**Price 180 EUR. For the place reservation it is necessary to pay the deposit of 60 EUR.

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Workshop:   Hearing and Healing | weekend 1 - 2 June 2019 | Kyler Breed (USA) and Gregor Krammer (Austria)

For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.