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Heart to Heart in Tide of the Fluid Body

21 – 24 November 2019

Advanced seminar of craniosacral biodynamic therapy, which will introduce Michael Shea, one of the world’s leading figures in the field. His approach brings a detailed look at the interconnection of two systems in therapy into a single organism and reveals the healing process in close connection with embryonic development. His poetic, deeply human, yet perfectly clear teaching impresses and inspires.

embryonic morphology

We will be introduced theoretically into the dynamic morphology of the human embryo in relation to the fluid body. We will go through four stages of embryonic morphology as they are applied in biodynamic practice and explore them directly while working on tables.

biodynamic cardiovascular therapy

The direction of Michael’s work follows the particular importance of the cardiovascular system for craniosacral work. It reveals the crucial role of the heart in the resonance of two systems. We will be introduced to biodynamic cardiovascular therapy.

In connection with the ignition of the heart and the cardiovascular system, we will learn new specific positions, fostering the perception of the Primary respiration permeating the fluid body. We will also explore the relationship between heart ignition and dynamic stillness. Here, Michael will teach a skill called a vascular tree, along with exploration of radial and anterior tibial arteries.

Interview with Michael at Craniosacral Conference in Spain

cycle of attunement

One of the important skills you will learn is moving attention in the cycle of attunement, which is the cornerstone of any biodynamic session. In this cycle, the practitioner orients to the shape of his fluid body, to the movement of the breath and the heart, to the space immediately around the body, which is also part of the fluid body, the space of the office and the natural world outside the office in relation to the fluid body.

Moving attention out to the natural world and back in the rhythm of primary respiration is called the cycle of attunement and is crucial in the recovery of the autonomic nervous system of the client. It is the way in which the whole client is renewed.

fluid body, primary respiration and dynamic stillness

We see the fluid body as a manifestation of the natural world in us. A summary of all the fluids in and around the body that are interconnected and permeable, conveying information to each other, spreading motion in waves. We better understand the fluid body in connection with the latest research on water. We will learn to perceive it with new hand positions.

We will see primary breathing as the basis for maintaining body integrity, health and compassion in the human body. The aim of the course is to learn how to explore the balance of dynamic stillness and primary respiration while working with the fluid body.

Dr. Michael J. Shea.

A prominent and unforgettable personality in the field of craniosacral biodynamics, a therapist and teacher who develops the method in the front line and is constantly looking for its true potential. For decades, he has been influencing the main direction in which the biodynamic approach is developing. His books, which portray craniosacral biodynamics with remarkable clarity, are popular all over the world, thanks to a special combination of precise interpretations and the wonderful, poetic language he uses.

When being with him in person, it is a pleasure to perceive his calm and serenity, which has almost tangible, physical quality. At the same time, he also emanates lightheartedness and a sense of humor. His deeply human teaching, which is both professional and clear at the same time, impresses and inspires. His approach reflects a profound Buddhist practice combined with what he has gone through in his life. He shows heart to heart and compassion-based work in close connection with the body. Thus, he comprehensibly leads to compassion through the body.

Michael developed the concept of biodynamic cardiovascular therapy and the heart to heart approach. He has profound experience in the treatment of trauma and post-traumatic stress using a biodynamic approach, working with babies and children with congenital malformations and after brain trauma. He has written a number of renowned textbooks of craniosacral therapy, somatic psychology and myofascial release.

You can read interview with Michael for somaticpsychotherapytoday.com here.

The event will take place in Trojická st. 10, Prague 2, near the riverbank, close to Charles or Palacky square.

The workshop is intensive: Thursady, Friday, Saturday 9:30 – 18:00, Sunday 9:30 – 17:00.

The seminar will be fully translated and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

Price 740 EUR + 156 EUR VAT. To book a place the deposit of 299 EUR must be payed in advance.

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