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Tuesday 12 November 19:30 – 22:00

INdeepenDance is a dance practice which awakens and integrates the body, heart and soul and consciously connects us with our inner dancer – the intelligence which moves us withous us controlling it with our rational mind, the intelligence that enables our organs to function without us thinking about it. Movement Medicine provides us with means to step by step fully give in to this force and therefore release a unique creative ecstatic potential, which is in all of us no matter the age, physical abilities and shapes, and to experience the joy of our own dance.

We can transer the experience with surrendering to this force in dance, distinctive creative view and sharing of own unique movement with others to our everyday life, begin to dance with literally anything we meet inside or outside and let the inner dance to guide us through situations, relationships and challenges. The more we give in to him the more everything we experience liberates us, opens us in our hearts and therefore also strenghtens and heals us.

INdeepenDance works with the connection to elements of earth, fire, water and wind from which we are literally created. If we come into conscious contact with the elements we start to intimately experience them inside ourselves and we come into a direct contact with them around us. The elements come to life fors us and become our allies and teachers.

The open INdeepenDance evenings are 2,5 hours long meetings in dance meditation practice for anyone who wants to give in to dance on his own as well as with others in a free, supporting, uncompetitive environment accompanied by diverse music from all around the world.

Kateřina Stejskalová

„With meditation practice I remember what it is like to dance freely with the movemebt inside of me and around me and at the same time to stay present in what is. The dance helps me step by step to fully embody nad experience sweetnes, safety and ecstasy which open naturally with rediscovery of home in a wise body. Thanks to that it is more and more simple to be oneself, live from the heart and share one’s gifts with the world. In my lectures it is my intention to share with others my passion for dance and my love for INdeepenDance, as a very powerful practice helping to return back to the body and a happy life here and now”

Kateřina is a lecturer of INdeepenDance. She has been devoted to dancing for 9 years. She has gone through variety of seminars of 5Rhythms and since 2009 she has been the apprentice of Ya‘Acova a Susannah Darling Khan, founders of the School of Movement Medicine in England. She has been working as a homeopath and therapist. She studied Faculty of Art at Charles University and went through many selfexperience trainings and seminars of self development – among other at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, homeopathy practice in India, 4 years training of Gestalt therapy, a training of The Journey with Brandon Beys, working with healers and shamans from the Latin America.

Price 300 Kč

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For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.