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Inspiration is a wild cat

18th – 25th of July 2016

Preparation of the body and mind for unrestrained improvisation. Summer movement, musical and voice creative workshop. One of the intensive artistic meetings in the countryside of Eagle mountains will be focused on harmony and jamming. We will refine the sensitivity of the body and all our senses. There will be daily trainings of dance and contact improvisation, musical and voice practice and art of synergy. We will develop physical skills and seek the state of open mind which infallibly leads our action, brings inspiration, allows to experience.

When the mind connects with the body, our abilities expand unexpectedly. Then we are ready to meet inspiration. We never know where it appears, it moves alertly and it comes at one moment. You can feel it as motion, you can hear it as music. You mustn’t scare it off and you mustn’t let it slip past. When you manage to follow the inspiration, follow its movement with your body and follow its music with sound, you will become its part. Everything arises and perishes right now in a way that demands courage and mindfulness, a body that is ready, action as well as relaxation.

In the group we mutually support each other and maintain mindfulness, we foster an unusual connection of mind, emotions and body. We are open to mistakes and risks. We listen to our inside, we listen to what is just coming alive in the space, we listen to each other.

Enchanted by a magic of improvisation, we never lose any opportunity to dive into it. On our common journey, we mutually lead, lure, meet, give way, touch, love, follow, diverge, stop, escape each other…

Zita Pavlištová

dancer, choreographer, teacher of dance and contact improvisation

Find and use animal reflexes. Think with the body and foster sensitivity of the nervous system and prepare the body for unexpected situations. Sharpen the senses, develop sensitivity and perception through touch. Create and transform the space with movement. Pass the movement, follow each other and influence each other in the contact. Mutual meetings, thoughts and imaginations transform our dance.

Michal Turek

musician, singer, brilliant improviser and composer

Find melodies in silence, explore the inner world of sounds playfully and easily, feel the rhythm that comes from who-knows-where. Set out for a journey of intuition and play your voice as well as other musical instruments. Reach harmony, being able to lead and follow as well. The space will open itself for music. Everything around us is music, music is inside us, music is everywhere. It is the sound, change of moods, as well as imagination.

Pěčín – Eagle mountains

In a small group, we are going to live and dance in a house overlooking a vast landscape. At a place where the heaven is high and ever changing, where there are hills, meadows, forests, where the grass and water smell nice, where there’s silence in which you can hear. We will dance, live stories, sound our voices, observe our body, tune into the natural places, muster strength. All of this will be simple and direct. Regardless of current experience. Each of us plays an important role and has a huge impact on what is going to happen.

To Pěčín by a train direction Rokytnice v Orlické hory (through Hradec Králové and Doudleby) or bus from Prague – Florenc and Brno – Zvonařka direction Rokytnice v Orlických horách. Check in first day afternoon (evening), ask for the pension “Hamernice”. Check out the last day in afternoon until 2 pm.

N 50°10’32.786”, E 16°25’52.600”
50.1758564N, 16.4310886E

Map routes from a train to a pension is here or here.

Price 270 EUR if paid before 15th June, after this date, the price is 290 EUR. For reservation deposit 120 EUR must be paid in advance. Food is not included in the price.

The seminar will begin on Monday afternoon, July 18. The end is Monday, July 25 after breakfast.

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