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Kiva Dance | Dance Gathering | Druna
dance, movement, experience, voice and meditation

Kiva Dance

dance series

Thursday 9 July 20:00 – 22:00

Infinite 5D Dance Series A place for the development of abstract body language and imagination stimulation. A place where the diversity of our mind is embodied in our movement, and our movement raises the vibration of the mind and the whole being. A place where we can create, play and feel, watch our nonlinear tendencies, ride the emotional waves, and then leave them. The place where the essence of our six senses is distilled. The six senses which develop through the untamed dance.

You will discover dance as a powerful medicine that is able to lift us under all circumstances. It can free us. It contains both order and chaos. It leads to a transformation in the alchemist way. Emphasis is placed on the faithfulness to your individuality, on taking the responsibility for self-creation, on the ability to feel thoroughly. Similarly important is the availability for contact with others, the art to open up, to get closer.

These classes are going to help us satiate and enjoy the qualities in the body and beyond, the list of which has no end. The qualities of lightness, inner strength, freedom, joy, love, intimacy… We can feel the human multidimensionality, how psychological, emotional and physical frequencies affect each other. How each of them is set to change, how they get rid of undesirable effects to fill their full potential.

Welcome are those who like to wake up imagination, love wildness, gracefulness and depths of the sea. All who desire to find their own juice, inspiration and timelessness. Those who love physicality, dance and music.

Dubravka Radonjic

A great part of her life she has been leading dance therapies. She develops, expands her experience and continues to educate herself in this area. For 12 years you were experiencing her work under the Katharsis Dance brand, and now her practice has shifted to Kiva Dance. She is a film director, professional therapist and analyst of human design and her passion is playing with different possibilities of human perception of the world through channels inspired by human senses.

I feel the eternal struggle between tradition and innovation, between the old and the new system. In my work I use this tension to create and experience beauty. Dance and painting are the channels through which I live spontaneous and sincere communication with the world around me and inside me.

I have a ritual. Every Thursday night I go to a movie. I never know what they will play. I do not know what the cast will be. I’m going because of the main hero that I am myself and because of the great direction and music of Dubravka Radonjic, who really is a director by profession. I’m dancing through the Thursday nights in this self-projection, and I never know what I’m going to play, if it’s a thriller, a comedy, a horror, or all of it together. Dubravka’s leadership takes place on the energetic level, in the intent, in the feeling of space and the people in it. I will not describe the connection with my own body, interaction with other dancers and other, often transformational overlaps, that would be like explaining how tasty the juicy melon in the middle of the heat is.
Pavel Hrych

Price 300 CZK.

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