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Martial Partnering - Living Body in Action

Javornice – Přím, Orlice Mountains

12 – 16 August 2019

Summer training program guides us to the path of a human – warrior – performer. It is aimed at stimulating and improving the function of the musculoskeletal system – its motor functions, mobility, flexibility and stability, physical vigilance.

Exercises, games and contact in physical dialogue lead us from our well-established and cozy comfort zone to areas where we can always learn again, get to know ourselves both mentally and physically, see our organic potential and show the skills that have been given to us.

It is a work which awakens and develops our instincts, reactions and reflexes, helps to find a natural balance between spontaneity and logic, between chaos and structure, between noise and silence, between body and consciousness in one. Movement of the body in irregular rhythms and shifting dynamics, indoor and outdoor exercise, limiting conditions, that all stimulates vigilant fresh perception and physical sensitivity.

Our approach is to expand our consciousness and build physical autonomy while remaining in relation to other people and what surrounds us.

We take the way of creative expression in dance and explore how values shape body and mind. We listen to what the body and mind together with our imagination and logic propose. To be strong and soft at the same time. To be sensitive, empathetic and able to set limits. To consciously expand our possibilities, exceed our limitations, meet the unknown and still trust at the same time. To learn when to resist and when not. To recognize that receiving and giving are both one organic mechanism and begin to perceive ourselves as an „organically integrated operant tool“.

Obstacles and difficulties can become our teachers, support our physical progress while bringing us closer to our authentic path of physical development. They help us to see the basic functions and mechanisms of the brain and to understand how body reactions are created. Depending on the way of one’s practice, he may see a particular kind of danger and certain possibilities.

The seminar is intended for all who have the courage and desire to learn more about themselves and get deeper into the nature of their possibilities. Everyone, regardless of experience, age, gender and anything that might prevent you from taking a step forward.

Jakub Gontarski and Agnieszka Rybak


Instructor for physical rejuvination with a specialization in self defense. Certified personal coach and movement coach under the legendary Steve Maxwell (USA). Together with Agnieszka they have created the programme „String of the Body and Martial Partnering“ devoted to investigation of expression, presence, dramaturgy and creativity in martial arts on the path of a human – warrior – performer. Jakub is a co-creator of many performances and he performs movement improvisations on the stage with live music.

Their inspiration is control of movement, physical mechanics, processes of integration and adaptation. They collaborate with the Grotowski Institute on the BodyConstitution research program. Jakub is also organising workshops for social-excluded youth and is the author of the poetry book Death and Rebirth. Agnieszka teaches and performs. She is interested in contact improvisation and bodywork.

This all is going to happen in the foothills of Orlice mountains in a house called Žíl on a vast meadow next to a forest. You go here by train or by bus. The nearest stations: Pěčín, Javornice - Přím, Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Address: Přím 33, Javornice, GPS 50.169522, 16.392851

The workshop is intensive: arrivals on Sunday evening and leaving on Friday morning.

Price of workshop 190 EUR when the deposit is payed before 15 July, after that the price is 230 EUR. To book a place the deposit of 90 EUR must be payed in advance.

Accommodation 60 EUR.

Food 55 EUR.

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Workshop:   Martial Partnering - Living Body in Action | 12 - 16 August 2019 | Jakub Gontarski and Agnieszka Rybak

For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.