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Movement and the Invisible Body

(private movement, dance and therapeutic lessons)

Individual movement lessons with diverse focus according to your personal needs. In the lessons we generally improve quality, coordination and lightness of our movement, we develop the whole range of movement skills, as well as our imagination and the body image in our mind. Body and mind must be in a close cooperation. We work on the harmony of our body image with motion. We consciously form the inner body image that is in accord with the deeper theoretical knowledge about anatomy and function of the body in motion. This expands the scale of our possibilities without encountering the barriers of our defense reactions and inertias.

Thematic spheres:

  • paths of the healthy movement, better coordination and healthy body stance, getting rid of bad movement habits, better mobility, removing the causes of common blockages and uneven load of some areas, mitigating of the pains of the movement apparatus.
  • effective movement, better agility and higher performance
  • dance, dance techniques where the form follows the intention, dance expression, movement quality, expressing ourselves with movement.
  • contact improvisation, possibilities and principles, saving of the power, better mobility and preciseness, individual one-to-one teaching, feedback after mutual dance
  • invisible body: how our movement or stance impress, how it affects our feelings, thoughts and images, what it gives away about us and how it affects the unconscious of the others. Why do people react to us the way they do and how to begin to change it.

If we want to develop our movement possibilities really effectively, change the quality of our movement, free ourselves from ineffective habits and clumsiness that hinders our movement, we have to cultivate not only our physical skills, but also our inner body image – our invisible body.

In some individual classes we focus not only on the development of movement and dance skills, but we also focus on which images, thoughts and habits influence our movement, how they form it and colour it.

We also notice how our movement sends signals into the subconscious of the others. Why do people react in a way they react and what does our movement reveal about us. We often think that well-built and attractive body, nice face and neat look are the things that base the opinions of the others. We believe that all that we communicate is contained in the meaning of the words. However, subconsciously people perceive much more intensely how the body moves and what moves it. Therefore what speaks about us much more intensely is our invisible body – our movement, stance, gestures, tone of voice.

Zita Pavlištová

She devotes herself to movement and therefore also to methods that liberate the body and the mind, that bring new possibilities, renew its natural movement functions.

In the long term she’s devoted to the research of the possibilities and limitations of the physical anatomy in movement, she studies and seeks a utilisation of this knowledge in practice, she develops methods that help cultivate movement skills and come nearer to the edge of human abilities.

Along with the movement research, she studies the methods of bodywork, develops a remarkable technique of listening to body. By sensitive influencing, she discovers how to bring the body in balance, how to renew the health, correct disfunctional relationships, release tensions and change incorrect movement habits, look for the natural balance and flexibility.

She cooperates with doctors and therapists on an international level, she has a permanent clientele and also utilises and shares her knowledge at international festivals and meetings.


Single session:     1000 CZK
Set of 3 sessions: 2700 CZK
Set of 6 sessions: 4800 CZK


tel: + 420 723 253 757
email: zita@druna.cz
place:     Spálená 21, Praha 1

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