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Resonance in Touch

(deepened perception, opening of senses, communion)

Experience yourself, your body. Give in to the touch and observe what it elicits. Feel, deepen the perception and open up all the senses. An opportunity to develop your potential, master the art of touching and responding to touch. Relax and open in touch, be spontaneous and at the same time remain fully aware. Learn to trust your feelings, learn to distinguish and read what is communicated through the touch. And besides it is also a possibility to relax, find inspiration, explore unknown paths and get carried away.

It’s not possible to learn to develop our possibilities of touch just through the theory. We need to experience the touch, discover how to enter physical contact, how to open up yourself, how to become more sensitive, how to relax and what can be expressed through touch. We need to experience the touch again and again. Only new experiences can deepen our capacity, refine our perception and the art to communicate with touch.

When we do not cultivate our talents, we loose a great deal of our potential to perceive, be perceived, be in harmony with somebody, understand each other without words even on the deepest level. Experiencing openness and fullness of connection cannot be taken for granted. It’s an art that every human being needs to learn. How to touch and at the same time remain simple, direct and transparently clear. How to give space, support, how to express interest, compassion, tenderness, love, desire. Experience fully exactly the feelings that are coming up right now. And at the same time remain open, fearless. Having a clear mind, change all the prejudices that limited us from the depth of ourselves, go for what we desire. Support our fantasy and our courage to go further. Mutual respect, admiration, appreciation, compassion, love. Trust in ourselves, in what we feel.

Touching the other is for us equally important as food or sleep. We need to touch, perceive the strength that can arouse a new life in us, that can arouse openness, relaxation, communion, resistence, anger or desire. Through this touch we can experience ourselves, get to know ourselves. Listening to each other, perceiving what the touch is awakening in us. Fine shades of moods and communication that cannot be translated into words and in spite of that carries enormous strength. Strength that overpowers the words or that can give them different, deeper dimension.

If we miss touch for a long time, if we don’t experience it in our relationships to the others frequently enough, we might lose our power, our attractivity. Our ability to communicate through touch declines. We no longer distinguish subtle shades of touch. We have a tendency to give them different meanings than what they actually have. We cannot transform what we experience right now into the quality of the touch, into what we want to communicate. In the moments that are so important for us, we lose orientation and we feel helpless.

Who has forgotten how to touch, often suffers. They miss something and try to find it everywhere else.

Zita Pavlištová

She devotes herself to movement and therefore also to methods that liberate the body and the mind, that bring new possibilities, renew its natural movement functions.

In the long term she’s devoted to the research of the possibilities and limitations of the physical anatomy in movement, she studies and seeks a utilisation of this knowledge in practice, she develops methods that help cultivate movement skills and come nearer to the edge of human abilities.

Along with the movement research, she studies the methods of bodywork, develops a remarkable technique of listening to body. By sensitive influencing, she discovers how to bring the body in balance, how to renew the health, correct disfunctional relationships, release tensions and change incorrect movement habits, look for the natural balance and flexibility.

She cooperates with doctors and therapists on an international level, she has a permanent clientele and also utilises and shares her knowledge at international festivals and meetings.


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