Trager Approach - Mobility and Healing Processes in Joints

4 – 5 July 2020

Introductory course of the Trager approach. Approach that will make you find out how great you can feel in your own body and what it is like when you really relax. This workshop focuses on joints, way of using them and creating environment in which they can recover and support us in our movement.

Joints are the base of most of our movement. If we acquired unusual movement habits during our life or if they were created by disproportionate muscle tonus, the delicate balance between wearing and recovery is disrupted. In this workshop you will find lightness in your movement. You will distinguish which movements lead to contraction and which make you relax. You will learn ways of movement which are natural for your joints. Movements that mean revitalization rather than pure effort. You will achieve relaxation and state of the body that enable recovery to outweight the strain.

About the method

This method surprises with its effects without the effort of straightening or fixing. Instead it brings the client pleasant feelings of effortless movement and develops his perception of himself. That in turn activates the ability of the body to release blockages and stress, to relax and regain balance.

When the boxing coach for the first time let his trainee to give him a massage he was not expecting that in the hand of Milton Trager there is an ability soon to astonish him and reach a wide fame. Milton has successfully applied his approach to anyone who was interested (including people suffering from emphysema, asthma, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, polio or painful back). In the end the interest for the method was so large that he followed the requests and started to teach his approach.

The method is playful and incorporates and nurtures intuition. It offers a chance to experience a difference between just touching and a receptive sensing of touch. It has two form – „tablework“ is a work of the therapist with a client during which the therapist provides the client with sensations of weight, pressure and movement. During „mentastics” the client works actively and the sensations originate in his own movement.

Trager® approach – professional training

This course is also the first integral part of the Trager approach professional training, which we open for the first time in the Czech Republic. This seminar focuses on one of Trager’s flagship themes, it is possible to participate in it independently and only after that decide about the possible entry into the training.

Luca Di Napoli (Italy)

An extraordinarily experienced lecturer, not only in Trager approach but also in Feldenkrais method, Rolfing and several other methods. He is a direct student of Milton Trager and his teaching is inspired by multiple ideas which come from what he has arrived at over the course of his practice.

He got interested in working with the body as a result of his back problems after several accidents. First it was Alexander technique, then a complete training of Rolfing in the style of Jack Painter and his Postural integration, but he wasn’t satisfied. There was too much pain involved. Finally he turned to Feldenkrais method and Trager approach.

Because at that time Milton Trager was still alive he decided to take the training and he has become a teacher under his guidance. Then, over the course of the next four years, he also went through a lecturer training in Feldenkrais method. On the background of it all he has been taking care of the family vineyards in Tuscany where started to farm in the spirit of biodynamic agriculture.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday 10:00 – 18:30, Sunday 10:00 – 17:30.

Price is 175 EUR. For reservation the deposit of 75 EUR must be paid in advance.

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