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Trauma Healing Through the Safe Relational Field

19 – 22 September 2019

The deepening seminar on craniosacral biodynamics is an introduction to Karuna teaching, developed by Franklyn Sills.

This four-day intensive seminar presents powerful transformative methods of healing of trauma for craniosacral practitioners. Newest scientific findings confirm that trauma healing is primarily a physiological process that has its roots in the body. The seminar builds upon the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges and the work of Bessel van der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score).

The seminar offers a distillation of the latest improvements to the craniosacral biodynamics approach applied in the field of trauma healing as presented by Franklyn Sills and taught at his Karuna Institute, including mindfulness associated with verbal inquiry, including meditative practice and working on a table. The seminar is focused on craniosacral practice and will provide therapeutic skills that can be used immediately with clients.

Sills‘ Karuna teaching is influenced by Theravada Buddhism, and our work is based on the vigilant presence of the practitioner, full awareness and inquiry. We will learn how to create and maintain a relational field from being to being centered in the heart, how to use negotiation and virtuously lead it, in a sensitive, structured way. When we create a safe container, we focus on the deeper universal forces of long tide and dynamic stillness, to shift potency to healing mode.

A postgraduate seminar for craniosacral therapists is a deeper immersion into biodynamics. It deepens understanding of it as currently being shared by Franklyn Sills, a pioneer in the field. His work is presented here with his personal patronage and support.

Trauma is treated in the body, not the mind. Peter Levine

Seminar content

In the field of working with trauma, we learn a variety of skills that help solve all kinds of traumatic imprints, from early developmental and birth trauma to abuse and postraumatic stress syndrome. We will learn to recognize their manifestations and to work with them using relational, verbal and biodynamic craniosacral skills. In recent years, our CSB community has adopted and integrated the tools of Levin’s Somatic Experiencing approach to work with embodied feelings.

As craniosacral therapists, we have the additional ability to feel the traumatic activation in the body, and this allows us to subtly work with those memories of overwhelming experiences that are often the basis of anxiety, chronic fatigue or depression. Craniosacral Biodynamics offers a unique and highly effective method of trauma resolution, where these embodied memories can be encountered and where we can facilitate the release of their charge in a safe and controlled manner.

We will examine the relationship between stress, anxiety, depression and trauma, we will look at the stress response, including the function of the polyvagal autonomic nervous system, and discuss in detail how to provide a sense of security, a prerequisite for healing trauma. When investigating sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions in our own work, we will show how to deal with them in disturbed states to support their resolution and integration.

Tanya Desfontaines BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP RCST® BCST

Long-term associate and direct disciple of Franklyn Sills, now head teacher of his Karuna Institute in England. First class craniosacral biodynamic therapist with a flourishing clinic in Devon (England). She has long been teaching alongside Franklyn Sills, now leading most of his elementary and postgraduate courses in England, and since he himself stopped traveling, she’s spreading his concept of craniosacral biodynamic therapy abroad.

She is in daily contact with the latest developments in Franklyn’s teaching and is deeply immersed in the process of finding the essence of biodynamic work and passing it in the most concise form. Her way of teaching has the foundation of 30 years of clinical practice, and her great gift is to pass on the teaching in an engaging, clear way and as a vast inspiration not only for professional practice, but also for life itself. As a person, she is kind, welcoming and humanly open, enchanted by life in all its manifestations.

You can read Tanya’s contribution to Fulcrum magazine about the path to biodynamics and the process of discovering what is waiting there here.

The event will take place in Trojická st. 10, Prague 2, near the riverbank, close to Charles or Palacky square.

The workshop is intensive: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:30 – 18:00, Sunday 9:30 – 17:00.

You will receive a certificate upon seminar completion.

Price 655 EUR + 138 EUR VAT when the deposit of 293 EUR is payed before 5 September 2019.
After this date the price is 735 EUR + 155 EUR VAT.

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