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Voice to its Fullness

Monday 17:15 – 18:45

from 14 October 2019 to 27 January 2020

A course which will let you get on the upswing with your voice. Use the power given by your voice, develop self-confidence in speaking, performing in front of people, participating in public discourse. A course which will help you find your voice and through the voice to find yourself and use your potential.

We will expand both our voice and self-confidence which is reflected in it and which can be boosted by it. Our spoken expression impacts the way how people around us perceive us, how they approach us, and also how we feel. When we work with our voice we can get into deep layers of our being and strenghten awareness of ourselves and confidence in our abilities. We will work with color of the voice and intonation. We will find out the way our voice is connected to our body and how different tones resonate in it. We will open ourselves and learn to relax so that our voice can gain impressiveness and sound as well as it can. We will develop sensitivity of the body which changes color of the voice and melody of speech, it will let you remain genuine and get closer to those who listen to you.

In playful and enjoyable form and friendly atmosphere your perception of voice and of yourself will change. We will master different effective voice and breathing techniques and we will focus on various qualities of the voice, as voice range, resonance, voice projection and many other. We will dispose of tensions in the body and we will harmonize it using the Alexander technique which enables to achieve better resonance of the voice.

Lessons are taught in English and one of their effects is improvement of your spoken English, greater confidence in expressing yourself in English. Owing to these lessons you will be able to speak more fluently and with greater clarity, while it is not necessary to speak English perfectly. Basic knowledge is sufficient. The work will support the ability to open oneself, to relax, stop being afraid of mistakes, improve pronunciation, enrich vocabulary and gain sense of the language. During these lessons you are welcome to work with texts in Czech or any other language. You will need to work with some English text only from Week 9, but it can be very simple text, according to your preferences and choice.

Anežka Novak van Lynden

Professional actor and voice coach with rich experience coaching business professionals, teachers, radio journalists, public speakers and actors. She also has many years of acting and performing experience in diverse forms of theatre, ranging from classical Shakespeare to large-scale outdoor performance and improvisational theatre as well as film roles. While training as an actor at Drama Studio London, she studied voice with Barbara Houseman, author of Finding Your Voice. Her workshops are very much based on the voice work of Barbara Houseman. She also studied Linguistics and Drama in New Zealand and Media and Writing in Sydney.

Price 160 EUR or the course from 14 October to 27 January 2020, except for 28 October, 23 and 30 December and 6 and 13 January (11 lessons). For reservation deposit of 60 EUR needs to be paid.

When paying in CZK the price is 3 850 CZK and the deposit for reservation is 1 150 CZK.

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For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.