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Voice Unleashed

Javornice – Přím, Orlice Mountains

6. – 11. August 2019

Experiential workshop in nature and the fresh air of the Orlice Mountains, unique in its intensity, in an intimate circle of maximum 14 participants so that it is also possible to focus on everyone individually and to achieve real results. The workshop will be led by two of the most experienced lecturers of Voice Movement Therapy, which originated in Great Britain. It is a space to explore the relationship between our voice and ourselves, and voice techniques that lead to a stronger, more flexible, looser and fully conscious voice.

Our voice reflects our inner mood, feelings and emotions. It is influenced by our physical and psychological states and circumstances and by the relationship we have with ourselves as well as others. Voice Movement Therapy works with the body and movement to open our voice and ourselves and to reveal what are the obstacles in our self-expression. In this workshop, we begin to listen to our bodily feelings, emotions and at the same time to explore our voice, which makes our experiences present and expresses them. We will begin to cultivate an inner self-acceptance and nurturing approach that will support our voice.

We will focus on opening and grounding the voice in the body and space through specific vocal techniques, movement, breathing and imagination. In the expressive planes of motion, we explore the continuity of the voice and its many qualities with our evolution and reveal the different aspects of our self. The incarnation of the song will allow deeper self-expression and interconnection with others. The present awareness of feelings and emotions and their expressions will allow us to experience the authenticity of our unbridled voice, strengthen our self-confidence, creativity and communication with others.

This work is process based and involves individual work, work in pairs, groups and across the group.

Workshop is open to all regardless of age and previous experience. This work may be beneficial to those for whom speech is limited, stifled, or otherwise difficult, whether for neurological, physical or emotional reasons, or for those seeking personal and professional growth through voice. The workshop is suitable for psychotherapists and expressive therapists who want to integrate their voice into their work.

About Voice Movement Therapy

Voice Movement Therapy is the only expressive therapy that uses voice as the main means of self-expression. It integrates work with voice, movement, breath, imagination, improvisation and songs. VMT offers a safe and earthy approach to exploring, incarnating, expressing and integrating the various parts of ourselves through voice and movement. This work is both therapeutical and creative, and its essence is the thought that the voice is closely connected with emotions and influenced by physical and psychological circumstances.

By exploring a wide range of voice qualities and grounding the voice in the body, we can reveal and transform unconscious emotions and become aware of and express the different parts of ourselves. The personal story and the emotions that emerge are held and processed through song, drama, voice and movement. Thanks to this process, we find new qualities of our voice and begin to develop more flexibility, resilience and creative potential in both singing and speaking.

Testimonials from previous workshops

Thank you for introducing me to this amazing technique, for gentle and sensitive guidance in practical exercises, all of it totally spot on, everything was done at the right time and, moreover, in a very nice and kind way. The workshop for me was a safe place for internal discovery (and sharing), and I’m also very thankful even for the difficulties I’ve encountered.

All the work with the voice under Sebastiana’s guidance was strong and „punchy“ in its gentleness and subtlety. I could look at myself more, perceive myself, examine how I work … and not faint because of it. Because it was – though not always pleasant – safe.
Štěpánka M.

The workshop was really great. I felt strongly after the workshop that I was more aware of the right or correct way of communicating with the environment. Suddenly, the bad communication patterns were apparent and clear to me.
Michaela P.

Mgr. Sebastiana Black, VMTR, BACPM

(Great Britain)

Sebastiana has studied Voice Movement Therapy method in the US in 2008 and is a professional member of the International Voice Movement Therapy Association (IAVMT). In Norwich, where she lives, she has her own private practice, organizes regular group meetings and works with actor students at a local university. Since 2010 she has been offering voice workshops in Czechia where she comes from. She also offered vocal groups in Slovakia, France, at the University of Olomouc and collaborated with Hlasohled. Her voice work focuses on cultivating conscious and authentic self-expression, where voice becomes a tool for personal growth. She is also inspired by the Mindfulness and Mindful Self-compassion which she studied, and their emphasis on being in the present moment, tenderness and transformation of negative emotions and attitudes. As a singer and author of music and musical texts, she is a part of the duo The Fire Doves and of the folk band Zaramo.

Anne Brownell, MA, VMTR


Anne is the director of Norma Canner Foundation for Voice Movement Therapy. She has worked with the pioneer of dance movement therapy Norma Canner and the prominent author and psychologist Penny Lewis. She has been making use of Voice-motion therapy for many years in many areas of her work. She is a lecturer and supervisor of The Voice Enchained training, which she created in America and South Africa, she is working in schools and clinics with children with developmental and language disorders, with the homeless and the severely ill. She was a scriptwriter and producer of films such as A Time to Dance: The Life and Work of Norma Canner and Going to the Source: Group Process in the Natural World. She explores the sound possibilities of the human voice across genres and communication in non-verbal language and movement.

This all is going to happen in the foothills of Orlice mountains in a house called Žíl on a vast meadow next to a forest. You go here by train or by bus. The nearest stations: Pěčín, Javornice - Přím, Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Address: Přím 33, Javornice, GPS 50.169522, 16.392851

The workshop is intensive: arrivals on Tuesday after 17:00, leaving on Sunday after 13:00.

Price 250 EUR when the deposit of 100 EUR is payed before 30 June, after that the price is 290 EUR. To book a place the deposit of 100 EUR must be payed in advance. To make really profound changes possible for each of the participants, the capacity of the workshop is limited to 14 people. Therefore sign up early so that you don’t miss out.

Accommodation and food 135 EUR.

Interested in this workshop? Book your place!

Workshop:   Voice Unleashed | 6. - 11. August 2019 | Sebastiana Black and Anne Brownell

For more information reach us at druna@druna.cz or via the phone on +420 725 449 409.