Accepting All of Yourself - Nonviolent Communication

22 – 23 May 2021

The real change starts within. Each of us longs for fulfilling relationships and a world full of compassion. Having to change the world so that we can start feeling good is a truly daunting task. Fortunately, there is a way that is both more pleasant and attainable. The moment you find peace and acceptance within yourself, it’s as if you were suddenly in such a world. What’s more, this world of yours is unmistakably beginning to project into the world around you and change your environment.

We have all tasted the effects of education and imposed culture in our lives. In a world that teaches to distinguish between good and bad, it’s very easy to accept this apporach as your own. In all this judging we also start judging ourselves and as good or bad we label even different parts of our body, thinking and bahvior.

The practice of non-violent communication invites us to become aware of when and how we resort to such self-judging. At the same time, it gives us effective tools to turn earlier judging thoughts into frames of reference that will remind us in future of our natural value and dignity.

During the weekend seminar, we will cover the process of realizing the moments when we are critical to ourselves. We will acquire techniques for openly experiencing painful feelings of self-judgment without blaming our surroundings. We will learn how to get over self-judgement and move forwards in deep awareness of our own value.

The workshop combines a theoretical presentation of ideas and approaches with their practical exercises in a safe, thoughtful and compassionate environment. Jared leads the workshop in a heartfelt and relaxed fashion, with plenty of room for questions, demonstrating techniques and trying them out in different situations.

The goal of this workshop is to support you to:

  • be able to recognize a moment when you are overly hard on yourself.
  • identify your longstanding core beliefs that inhibit our ambitions.
  • be able to mourn in a manner that does not blame anyone, including ourselves.
  • integrate the seemingly conflicting parts of yourselves in a compassionate way that makes room for forward movement.

Jared Finkelstein (USA)

One of the main figures of non-violent communication of today in the USA. He lets the approach come to life before your eyes and transforms it from mere theory to a living way of interpersonal communication, to a life philosophy leading to a fulfilling life. As a consultant, teacher and coach, he specializes in communication that transforms conflict in connection. His passion is finding various forms of non-violent communication and its effects in particular areas of life, such as raising children, communicating in the working environment, or partnering and communicating in the area of sexuality.

In his work, Jared brings knowledge from more than 14 years of working with children and parents in and outside of schools, and 10 years of practice, training and his own development of Nonviolent Communication approaches. He is an accredited coach of the American Center for Nonviolent Communication. He is currently based in Crockett, California, where he offers consultations within his Quality of Connection organization. He is also active as a trainer for Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC), leading workshops, group practice and consultations for both individuals and organizations.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 18:00.

Price 140 EUR. If the deposit is paid before 22 April price is 120 EUR.

For place reservation a deposit of 60 EUR must be paid in advance.

The seminar takes place in Lerchova 65 (the gymnasium of Cyrilometodějská Elementary School) Brno.

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