Awakened Feminine - Temple of Creativity, Wisdom and Meditation

3 – 5 November 2023

Advanced 5th module of the Awakened Feminine Training, whose inspirational guide will be the goddess Saraswati. In a circle of women who have undergone the entire training, we will meet in a space where we delve deeper into the natural creative essence of our female bodies and psyche.

Saraswati flows through woman as speech, understanding and sound. The goddess of speech, music, poetry and intuition lives in a woman as intelligence itself. It awakens the power of intuition and insight and gives the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood. Being blessed means being able to transform the world with words. Saraswati flows through the moment when we choose a creative path or have an intention. We recognize her as an inner impulse of thought that comes from a greater depth than our ordinary mind. Saraswati is a stream of words that arises from silence, it seems to be inspired from the depths of the heart. She lives in a pulsating space where sound is born, where silence provides the opportunity for a birth of creation.

The essence of this goddess is manifested in a woman in new ideas, in the creation of new projects, in the cooking of delicious meals, in singing, dancing, painting, caring for the garden and all creation. Her creative potential grows when a woman becomes pregnant and raises a child, but also while studying and learning new things. The creative nature of this goddess also helps to build connections and nurture relationships, to deepen our spiritual connections. It helps us find all the endless possibilities to show our energy in life.

The goddess Saraswati is a teacher who has many ways in which she can be present in a woman’s life. We will address the following issues and topics in which we will experience or activate our creative potential:

  • The question of inspiration, self-expression and our creative potential
  • Our view of pregnancy, motherhood and how it connects with the possibility of being a sexual and spiritual woman
  • We will be aware of and break down our beliefs, which we carry within us and which are connected to the fact that we are a woman
  • We will discover how words can be the basis for creating our reality and our relationships
  • We will deepen our understanding of meditation and the practice of mindfulness
  • We will connect with our inner vision and expand our intuition
  • We will delve deeper in working with sounds and singing, blind drawing and dancing

In this circle, we combine the unique properties of each of us and use them as rare ingredients to create something completely new.

The seminar is intended for all women who have ever undergone an entire eight-month training with Komala de Amorim.

Komala de Amorim (Brazil)

I am born in Brazil, where I graduated in Art Education and start exploring the voice and spontaneous singing as ways to make contact with my inner self. In my early twenties I moved to India and lived for many years at the Osho meditation Resort, where I learned, experienced and taught a variety of transpersonal and meditative therapies, self-development techniques and body-work.

Many years of meditation practice, self-enquiry and singing skills, combined with exploration of spiritual traditions as Zen, Sufism and Tantra, and various western therapeutic methods are the base of my work. I am trained in: Craniosacral Biodynamic; Primal Therapy and Sexual-de-conditioning, Essence Work and Chakra Balancing, Hara Awareness Massage, Voicing, Awareness Intensive, Satori, Die Before you Die.

My own inner process and the learning of different techniques made me understand that all the methods brings me to myself, when the longing is deep and the search is sincere. This passion I have been sharing through courses and trainings around the world, and those meetings have been a very precious teaching. When human beings come together, with the intention to expand their life and discover their inner reality, magic happens and everyone that is part of it grows.

The seminar is intensive: Friday 14:30 – 19:30, Saturday 9.30 – 19:00, Sunday 9.30 – 18:00. After previous arrangments there is a possibility of a sleepover for people from outside of Prague.

Price 290 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 95 EUR must be paid in advance.

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