Intensive experiential workshop for women

weekend 12 – 13 December

Recognition, empowerment and use of female power. The process through which Tiago, a spiritual teacher and a great therapist, guides you is a journey through a powerful world of sexual energies which affect our lives more than we think. When we understand womenhood as a way of existence that allows us to realize the intent of the soul, then we desire to recognize and awaken our strength and connect with it. We long to fully awaken into the female body and establish spiritual union within it.

Meeting in a circle of women where playfulness, compassion and trust are empowering us. The wise and loving circle has healing power. New information, new insights flow through it into ourselves. Together, we can achieve real change. It is a space for all questions, insecurities, experiences and realizations. Magic of group energy field is going to support us on the inner and outer path of discovery.

Using effective exercises, dance and music, we wake up the energy in the body of each of us – juice, fire and sensuality. We will feel the flow of love and the wealth of emotions that reside inside us. Our ability to perceive a vibrant life deepens. We will realize how many qualities and forms we can have inside us. Some attract us, other frighten us, but we learn to deal with them. We are going to establish a deeper connection with ourselves. We will get closer to the others and connect more deeply with women and men in our lives.

The way of work is rooted in the timeless dimension of meditation. It comes from deep spirituality and understanding of the woman soul. It teaches how to transform our instinctive sexual energy into always present vitality, love and alertness. It allows to grow and flourish for a woman who can live a fulfilled personal, relationship and sexual life. A woman who finds her true female essence, including openness and sensitivity, the ability to live in the brilliance of her being with confidence in life. At this seminar we invite women to meet and encourage each other in the search for true freedom, within their bodies, hearts and souls. To share their desire for love and intimacy. To realize the deep meaning of life in the female body.

Tiago (Denmark)

To participate in any of her workshops means to jump right into a world where you will soon leave a familiar life behind you, with its familiar limitations and familiar prospects. Laughter and tears, exhaustion and excitement, silence and screaming appear one after another in ungraspable flow. One can see something that looks like the beginning of a new life; or even better, the return of something lost, the return of innocence.

The dynamic method of her work is a summation of her rich experience and knowledge of work with the body and with energy, psychotherapy and spirituality. It is based on the basic idea that people are not separated from the world that surrounds them; that they and the world are in their essence one; and that we can live and experience this unity. Her sense of humor and her willingness to embrace difficult and challenging situations allows people to cross borders and constraints along with her.

For many years she has worked closely with English spiritual master Michael Barnett. She realized that all the things which shut people off from living authentically and freely do not have to be confronted head-on. Her work with body and energy can sometimes be intense, but its basic quality is the ease with which obstacles can be overcome. In the end, they will never last long.

Working with her is constantly flowing, so at any moment, one can be surprised by the laugh, surprised by deep satisfaction. She brings people more enjoyment to their lives, the ability to live fully and authentically, increase sensitivity and full awareness of oneself, others and their surroundings. She allows them to understand the mechanisms with which they restrict themselves and have an outlook on them. They gain the ability to undergo the trials and challenges of life with intelligence but also playfully and with a light heart.

Interview with Tiago: Quiet heart

The workshop is intensive: Saturday 10:00 – 18:00, Sunday 10:00 – 17:30

Price 170 EUR. If the deposit 70 EUR is paid before 11 November the price is 150 EUR.

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