Biodanza - The Power of Being Yourself

weekend 17 – 18 September 2022

Once, a friend shared from a moment of lucidity: „If it’s not me, who will I be?“

That’s it! We are a gift to the world. A unique example of biodiversity and at the same time equal, tremendously equal to all the other humans that surround us, it is in this archaeological investigation of who we are that we can reconnect with the depth of Being. In an eminently “liquid” society (as the master Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman would say) where competition, individualism, isolation, virtual relationships and the cult of independence prevail, rediscovering the pleasure of being oneself with others becomes a fresh source to quench our thirst for connection and authenticity.

The word Identity comes from the late Latin “identitas” and means the ability to experience oneself as a unique entity, as the center of perception of the world. „unavoidable and moving bodily experience“, „there are more reasons in your body than in your best wisdom“, Nietzsche ranted through Zarathustra from the top of the mountain. Corporeality as a multidimensional totality, harboring emotions, feelings, thoughts, and other subtle realities.

Modern Psychology informs us that identity is an endless and continuous process, “we arrive too late for the gods and too early for the being, the human is an unfinished poem” recalls the most complex of the complex German philosophers Martin Heidegger.

To become who we are, we need a lot of courage to assume and express all our potential and a lot of boldness to permeate ourselves to the realm of feelings, in a very simplistic way we can define courage as nothing more than the wisdom of establishing a “love affair” with the unknown”, knowing how to embark on the waters of mystery!

During these days we will invite you to dance at least two paradoxes of identity:

  • Identity reveals itself in the presence of the “other”.
  • Identity has an invariable and at the same time mutable essence, in view of what the Existentialist current would say “Dasein”, that constant Becoming.

We will also investigate:

  • Identity and Individuality
  • Identity and Personal Power
  • Identity and Alterity
  • Identity and self-esteem
  • Identity and Cosmic Consciousness

About Biodanza

Biodanza means Dance of Life. It is a system that combines the music, movement and individual experience of dancers into one. This creates an experience of intense awareness that we are alive, right here and right now as we dance. Such experiences are known as „vivencias“ – gateways that allow access to primordial emotions. They help our self to begin to manifest naturally through movement and dance. They help us to see ourselves in the dance.

Biodanza also uses the study of psychology, anthropology of dance and the study of traditional life rituals to strengthen social bonds and awaken a sense of general solidarity by dance. It is a dance that helps all who participate in it to restore joy and vitality. A dance that celebrates the sacredness and uniqueness of life.

No prior dance experience is required to participate.

Cristiano Martins (Portugal)

Guide and facilitator and creator of Biodanza didactics according to the Rolando Toro system. His workshops are a reflection of a colorful and adventurous approach to life. They are full of images and poetics and allow you to dance all the way to areas of yourself where you encounter what brings a new taste and juice to your life. Thanks to his guidance, you dare to touch the closed and fragile areas where the sources of your desire are hidden.

He has created and leads many thematic workshops of Biodanza, which attract with a vision of a direct path to the unknown, desired or lost areas of life. His workshops „Roots in the Earth, Roots in Heaven“; „Chaos, Creativity and the Return of the Sacred“; „The Birth of the Cosmic Man“; „Under the Sign of Affection“; „Surrender to Love“; „Sacred Warrior“; „Ecstatic Lover“; „Mystic Magician“; „The King & the Queen‘‚; „Equinox and Solstice Celebrations“ are filling the halls with dancers in Portugal, Spain, France, Poland and Germany.

Cristiano is a clinical psychotherapist and teaches an advanced program „Human Development and Therapy through Expressive Arts“ at the Institute of Applied Psychology and is a guide and supervisor for students and new teachers at the School of Biodanza in Portugal.

There is no prior experience necessary to participate in the seminar.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday 9.30 – 18.30 and Sunday 9.30 – 17.30.

After prior arrangements there a possibility of sleepover for participants from outside Prague.

Price 198 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 48 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price 168 EUR if the deposit is paid until 8 September.

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