Building Intimacy, Passion and Trust - Nonviolent Communication

8 – 9 May 2021

Sexual self-expression is one of our greatest manifestations. At the same time, however, it is one of the most vulnerable and intimate. It reflects our confidence, determination, openness to others. In it all our life experiences, memories and habits take on a material form and are reflected in our sexual behavior and experiencing.

In a loving relationship full of safety, a sexual relationship is a wonderful common adventure full of discovery and breathtaking learning about a partner in all his forms. In an environment of mutual acceptance, sexuality becomes an opportunity to experience one’s own freedom and intimate closeness the other. Such closeness lets the body melt and the mind rest, opening the possibility of deeper experiencing together on the physical level.

For many, it is common to establish connections in the field of sexuality solely by touch, physical experience and non-verbal discovery. At the same time, the degree of mutual connection and trust increases considerably if we have the opportunity to talk about the sexuality in the relationship. In an environment of attentive and open listening, we are given the opportunity to communicate to the other what has so far remained unexpressed and what would otherwise quietly affect the relationship. Moreover, for many, finding closeness with words is an essential and main prerequisite for building trust and finding physical closeness.

In this seminar, you will learn about intimacy in relationships as an opportunity for your own growth as well as growing together. You will learn how to build mutual trust, and how to maintain a lasting passion and desire in the relationship. Using the principles of non-violent communication, you will learn how to open yourself to others while accepting yourself and your vulnerability. You will learn how to listen to the other converging openness and curiosity getting you closer to each other. You will strengthen greatly your abilities of self-empathy and building mutual trust.

Jared Finkelstein (USA)

One of the main figures of non-violent communication of today in the USA. He lets the approach come to life before your eyes and transforms it from mere theory to a living way of interpersonal communication, to a life philosophy leading to a fulfilling life. As a consultant, teacher and coach, he specializes in communication that transforms conflict in connection. His passion is finding various forms of non-violent communication and its effects in particular areas of life, such as raising children, communicating in the working environment, or partnering and communicating in the area of sexuality.

In his work, Jared brings knowledge from more than 14 years of working with children and parents in and outside of schools, and 10 years of practice, training and his own development of Nonviolent Communication approaches. He is an accredited coach of the American Center for Nonviolent Communication. He is currently based in Crockett, California, where he offers consultations within his Quality of Connection organization. He is also active as a trainer for Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC), leading workshops, group practice and consultations for both individuals and organizations.

The workshop is intensive: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 18:00.

Price 195 EUR. If the deposit is paid before 8 April price is 175 EUR.

For place reservation a deposit of 75 EUR must be paid in advance.

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