Connection of Hearts and Meeting of Forces: contact-impro-tango

weekend 25 – 26 May 2024

Movement and dance workshop and a unique experience at different levels of perception. A return to the body that is created for movement, passion and diversity.

A workshop in which we get to the essence of contact improvisation and tango. A workshop in which you are not tied by steps, shapes or the effort to adapt to your partner. A workshop where you allow expression of your immediate impulses and where dance expresses changes in mood and spatial relationships.

You will find that movements and figures do not need to be known or learned and that they arise from natural simple impulses. You will soon find yourself in a flow of dance that brings back everything you have been missing so far to your temperament. We will create a richer and liberating way of dancing: an open physical expression in which natural movement possibilities are activated and which is liberated from superficial rules.

Contact improvisation and tango are a range of diverse movements that are not routine nor monotonous and are vital to our well-being. They also provide the ability to use touch as a communication tool. They expand the perception of oneself and the other. They will allow us to be creative, playful and grounded and find a way to mutual harmony.

We will rediscover our own body, which for millennia has been shaped by movement and created for movement. A body that longs for constant change and that finds new energy in the movement that nourishes it. We gain a different view of the body: we begin to perceive its shapes and movements as a result of our relationship to gravity, to space and to the partner, and as a result of our movement intentions. In such a conception of movement, we can develop while enjoying freedom. Instead of control, we focus on sensory perception, which guides us accurately and infallibly, allows us to adapt, and evokes the pleasure of movement.

A workshop for all who view movement and movement creation as a way of knowing, healing, communicating and enriching their life experience. Seemingly physical movement work has a much broader scope. It allows you to understand your physical self, your physical relationship with society and nature. The knowledge of biomechanics, somatics and ecology is combined into the concept of the Ecological Body.

There is no need to have any prior experience with these techniques and there is no need to have a partner. We will be discovering dance as an effective organic movement. We will feed the flow of movement between us and our partners. To create a movement composition that transcends each one of us and belongs to both of us at the same time. We are both influencing it, first without order and only gradually we come to reaching harmony.

Javier Cura (Argentina)

Javier Cura is a teacher, visual artist, theater director and movement trainer who has admirably made a name for himself in the field of movement and dance. He has created many performances in Argentina, Colombia, USA, Italy, Germany and Indonesia. At the international level, he teaches contact tango, physical theater and contact improvisation. He is a great dancer who awakens an irresistible desire to move, dance and express with movement.

As a visionary and movement activist, he encourages all who are willing to listen to him to take care of their own vital movement needs. He believes that the all-round diverse movement we reintegrate into our lives has a huge impact on our emotional, physical and mental health, as well as on the ecology of the planet. He is currently working on the „Ecological Body“ project in collaboration with a UN environmental researcher.

“The main goal of my work is to encourage the student to find connections between: an objective view of the body; (physical elements, body scheme: axis, lines of force, center of gravity, anatomy, etc.) subjective understanding of the body (emotional, expressive, creative consciousness and self-perceived body image) and the body in relation to the other; (its community, social and spiritual nature). In each workshop, participants are able to link learned physical activities with their personal creative expression and re-own them. Whatever the participants perceive and experience in the transient context of the workshop can be and often is transferred to the outside world, to their personal social context. It enriches the dance of everyday life. „

The workshop takes place in Prague.

Most participants sign up on their own, it is not necessary to sign up in a couple.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 – 17:30, and is open to everyone regardless of age or prior movement experience.

Price 175 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 55 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price 155 EUR if the deposit is paid before 20 May.

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