Contact gathering - Brno

weekend 5 – 6 December 2020

During long jamming transformations and miracles happen. We want to spread long jams, bring them from Prague to other places too. To gather in various locations, meet new people and dance long: day and night, two days. We invite you all, who love long dance jams, and you, who would like to feel for the first time what it is like to dance, fly, touch and improvise in contact.

Contact improvisation is a dance which can be soft and tender same as wild and risky, but it always touches you. And you always touch someone. It changes our perception, our ability to to atune ourselves, collaborate and to resonate. It is a way of communication about anything, natural and efortless. Something that we miss and we don’t know it yet.

Contact improvisation is the opportunity to meet unknown dancers from afar. The time to try our own courage and experiment radically. Bodies, the mind and space atune to one another. They find an interrelationship. We support each other in courage, opennes, sensitivity, curiosity. We nourish the ability to listen to each other.

With music contact improvisation is beautiful and much more challenging. Both for the dancers and for the musician. We will experiment with the interconnection of dance and music and so part of the jam will also be a short opening atuning, at the start of each block. During that we will examine different qualities, new approaches, feelings, principles and inspiration.

Accept our invitation and let know others from nearby and from afar.

Zita Pavlištová

She likes long, serene and conscious observing of the inner movement same as speed, loss of control and risk – situations in which it is necessary to put unconditional trust in the body. She passes on the art of movement whose basis is listening to the body. In her work she touches the boundaries and loves extremes. She investigates the body in motion and its connection to the mind.

Michal Turek

He improvises on cello and guitar. He shows a large scale of positions and faces and he moves through them both smoothly and suddenly. He surprises, transforms, explores. He feels the rhythm which comes from who know where. He walks the path of intuition, casts his voice and does not take over the words. He opens you to the music and entices you to play.

The gathering is intensive: Saturday 10 – 13h, 15 – 18h, 20 – 23h, Sunday 10 – 13h.

Price is 55 EUR. For booking your place it is necessary to pay the deposit of 20 EUR. If you would like to attend single three-hour blocks, let us know, it is possible (for 15 EUR each).

You can sleep in your own sleeping bag in nearby area which will be available for you for 150 CZK per night.

The jam takes place in Lerchova 65 (the gymnasium of Cyrilometodějská Elementary School) Brno.

Would you like to join the meeting? Book your place!

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