Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation

Monday      15:30 – 17:00 Contemporary Dance from 4 April
Tuesday 9:30 – 11:30 Contact Improvisation     from 5 April

Contemporary dance and bodywork which refines our natural skills and abilities. Through this dance we will arouse our curiosity and intuition, thus deepening our sensitivity. We will dive into sensations of our body to achieve experience and understanding that will lead to the right use of body in motion, saving its energy, and coming to ease, lightness and joy…

Dance on the ground, both on the feet and on the hands. Playing with antipoles, spirals, spins, searching for balance in the body, little steps and jumps and hops. We will focus on personal interpretation and mental aspects. These classes are dynamic, playful and energetic, not missing attention to detail and its exploration.

Lucie Klosová

„As for me, dancing is meeting, recognizing, understanding and expressing who I am towards love, joy and life. My body is my temple. All the information about our life is stored in our body. I enjoy diving deep to find contexts, to follow the motion inside, the energy dancing through my body. Dance brings me to love to my body, to its deep wisdom and its abilities.“

Lucie studied dance teaching at AMU, she danced in independent projects and taught at dance conservatory, school of arts and also provided lessons for public. She also practices craniosacral biodynamics that is why her understanding for body and natural rules of movement are so inspirational both for beginners and the professional dancers, for those who want to refine their body. She manages her classes in such a way that you can appreciate and use your body intelligence, learn to feel it and respect it and to refine its natural skills.

Price 2 840 CZK for the whole Contemporary Dance course during 28 March – 27 June 2022 (10 lessons), except 18.4., 23.5. and 30.5.. For place reservation deposit 540 CZK must be paid in advance.

Price 3 120 CZK for the whole Contact Improvisation course during 29 March – 28 June 2022 (11 lessons), except 24.5. and 31.5.. For place reservation deposit 620 CZK must be paid in advance.

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