Craniosacral Biodynamics

Gentle work in deep resting states. The therapist cooperates with natural intelligence of the body and activates self-healing forces in the organism, by which the human system always tries to keep itself in the best possible state. This process influences you on all levels, it affects the whole system of your body. The therapist doesn’t correct „mistakes“ or attacks a „disease“. She just supports innate life forces, which reorganize the body and revive its functions. She perceives them as gentle, very slow and continuous rhythms moving with tissues, liquids and pervading the surroundings of the body. As an inner intention that reorganizes us for the who le life into the original matrix.

Biodynamics creates conditions where all the health forces are available for the healing process. When the body can naturally eliminate the blockages that prevent it from full, healthy functioning. This process renews the manifestations of health, preveiously disturbed, weakened or blocked as a result of stresses, traumas, injuries, accidents or overload. Tension patterns are dissolved, symptoms disappear and usually don’t come back, because they lose their function. Upcoming changes are more permanent, because they weren’t caused by the outer intervention, but by the natural need of the body.

The treatment takes place lying down, the touch we use is listening, it doesn’t have an intention to change anything. In this touch, there is peace, warmth, friendship, accepting presence. Our attention isn’t focused on the problem and doesn’t try to get rid of it. We respect the way, in which the body itself gets rid of the problem, and its timing. We doesn’t care about the symptoms, we go beyond them, to the core of the problems, where the health is always present.

The process you are going through is more than healing. It is a preparation of the organism for the life. It activates all the life forces that you have inside. It returns the consciousness in the body, it fosters perceptiveness and sensitivity of the senses, it teaches to trust your feelings, listen to the signals that the body gives and follow them. It allures to stay inside, right now, accept everything that is with interest and without judgement. It awakens the trust in life.

The craniosacral work originates in western medicine and had been part of it for a long time. It was founded by an american osteopath Dr. Sutherland in the middle of the 20th century. At the end of the century the craniosacral therapy exceeded the limits of the field of the osteopathy and developed into an independent discipline.

Zita Pavlištová

She graduated in the three-year training at „International institute for craniosacral ballancing“ (Bern, Switzerland), since 2009 she carries on her own therapeutic practice. She works under the supervision of Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin and Kavin Gemin and at the same time works as their teaching assistant in the basic training. She founded the Clinics of craniosacral biodynamics.

„Craniosacral biodynamics is a meeting with silent, soft and resilient force of life. The thing is to find the manifestation of health, in the depth under all the symptoms and pains. Because health is always present in the body, even when a human suffers. Even in the hardest situations you can discover the spark that maintains life. In fact I never know in advance what are we going to work with, which process will be brought by the natural intelligence of the body, which I am in contact during the treatment. Despite all the knowledge that I have, I also let my mind open to everything unknown that is coming. I listen with my hands and with my whole body. I listen to the forces that exist as long as the life itself. And they are always ready to seize the opportunity.


Set of 6 treatments: 450 EUR (Price per treatment 75 EUR)
Set of 3 treatments: 250 EUR (Price per treatment 85 EUR)
Single treatment 90 min:     100 EUR   (Price per treatment 100 EUR)


tel: +420 723 253 757
place:     Trojická 10, Praha

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