Immense Dance Club

Tuesday 31 January 19:30 – 22:00

spontaneous dance and a mildly ecstatic experience

Evenings of spontaneous conscious dance. Free dance, rhythm, breath and contact with others in dance and music.

Through the free dance we walk towards ourselves. At the place where the intelect ends, the heart and soul begins. Surrender to the rhythm of music, discover your true essence… express who you really are… dance your passion, your beauty, your pain… rest in safety. Come to yourself… home.

No previous experience is needed, just the willing and the ability to merge with music, with yourself, with anything that is happenning in me right now and to express it freely.

Mira Janičatová

Dance is a path to the body, heart, mind and Spirit, a path to silence and surrender to what moves us. I know how much courage it takes to be true to oneself and to others and to be seen in the place where I am, in my unique dance, and still be part of the community. The more regularly we take a journey into our body, the more answers we get to the questions – where do we come from, what are we doing here, what is our task, what is our relationship with resources. Mira is a teacher of Movement Medicine in training. She creates a space that allows you to go deeper into your body. And then to bring these qualities into everyday life with love, care and respect, because that’s where the real dance begins.

Price 300 CZK

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