Dancing on the wing of the Cockatoo bird

Tuesday 6 October 14:00 – 16:00

An afternoon of spontaneous intuitive dancing for everyone, including moms and dads. Their children of any age are welcome to come and dance with them, play with or lie near them, roll and crawl…. Your dance is inspired by music that will naturally lead you to movement and colorful experiences inside the dance. In dance, you will get to know each other differently, you will experience relaxation and you will simply be able to relax and let go common habits and worries.

You will take care of the children yourself, babysitting is not provided. You can always come by yourself, depending on the situation and your current needs, you can choose whether to take the children with you or not.

During the dance, you gradually and naturally come to a conscious connection with your body. The mind can step back, empty itself, and invite new experiences. The music changes from soft and relaxing to more earthy rhythms, it turns into music full of fire, which draws you in and develops into more complex rhythms. It frees you from the monotonous processes of the mind. Then comes the calm and light phase, almost a flight. In the end, there will be plenty of still time to experience what you have been through.


His sessions are a dance on the wings of a cockatoo bird. He is a man who does not speak much, but whose music speaks clearly.

Price 250 CZK without child, 300 CZK with child. CZK 100 for each additional child.

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