Embodied Voice Flow

weekend 24 – 25 September 2022

Embodied Voice Flow is a vocal‐physical process which invites you to re-discover an intimate and empowered relationship with the primal voice and its profound sensitivity, through a series of somatic investigations on deep listening, embodied vocality, musical instinct.

Each session opens a space to connect with the pleasure of creating music with our breath, voice, mouth, body, and with our innate instinct for expression and connection through sound. We combine these practices to create different forms of vocal improvisation whilst grounding within presence and awareness, expressing our vital creativity through sound and movement, and listening with the whole body at the same time we start to cultivate the art of living in the present moment.

The overall trajectory of each session follows a designed progression from the functional aspects of voice and body (breath anatomy, elements of acoustics and phonetics) to the realm of improvised musical flow – the ‘music of the now’.

The core practices of the Embodied Voice Flow are:

Deep listening: the meditative practice of receiving sound in its depths through the body, unconditional hearing as a gateway to our consciousness.

Somatic experience: experiencing one’s voice and body as an integrated whole, dialoguing with the vibrational nature of your voice.

Pulsing, tuning: working with spontaneous pulsations and melodies as a way to experiencing music in a playful, intimate, naked sense; connecting with your creative source by surrendering into the music of the moment.

Collaborative Vocal Improvisation: organising emerging percussive-melodic patterns in a collective musical flow within improvised sound journeys.

Songs as Teachers: in the last part of the session we open songs from different traditions and dive together in their melody, rhythm, circularity, surrendering to each song as a gateway to our consciousness and the full expansion of our voice being.

Tactile Voice: We start by approaching our voice through touch: with hands-on work we bring our attention to the sensations arising from the mouth cavity, the waves of breath, the impulses to move, and the musical imagination that comes with these. We invite the experience of sound as molecular vibration, as a tactile input from-within-and-to the body. We look at the anatomy of key structures (diaphragm, larynx, mouth cavity) and experience the dancing dialogues that exist between them, enjoying moving through these areas in a sound-inclusive way.

Pulsing, tuning: From this state of soft embodiment, we look at elements of phonetics to explore the ongoing choreography of vowels and consonants production, tuning- in to the dance of the articulators (tongue, lips, teeth, soft palate) that we experience subconsciously in our daily life. Regressing to this micro-level of coordination, we tune our listening to the complex rhythms that are present in our speech, breath, movement, and learn how to harness these micro‐beats to create improvised percussive vocal music. We access the endless possibilities of pulsations, sound textures and melodies, organising them through real-time phrasing and instant compositions.

Circle Songs: In the last part of the session we open the Circle Songs – improvised choral songs based on the repetition of simple vocal modules and collective rhythmical entrainment. This is a moment of celebration and togetherness, of witnessing together music taking shape through a circular process of repetition, layering, refinement, transformation, osmosis, friction, story telling, individuality and connectivity. Each Circle Song is a river which we float upon, following its flow all the way through to see where it leads us.

Alessio Castellacci (Italy)

A Berlin-based performer, voice-movement teacher and sound designer. He is the curator since 2013 of The World is Sound – an educational platform focused on voice embodiment and vocal improvisation – and has been the initiator and curator of the experimental dance program ROAR Berlin between 2012 and 2021. Since 2007 Alessio has been teaching regularly in various dance and music study programs in Europe. His method is focused on the rediscovery of the expressive potential of the human voice and on the healing power of deep listening through immersive sound journeys and practices of somatic awareness.

The Embodied Voice Flow is the approach he developed through teaching in the last 15 years. The approach is the convergence of different influences/lineages (psychology /somatic movement techniques / sound design / voice embodiment and improvisation / sound healing and consciousness expansion) and is focused on the rediscovery of the expressive potential of the human voice and on the healing power of deep listening through immersive sound journeys, practices of somatic awareness and CVI (Collaborative Voice Music).

Out of the many teachers and artistic/healing practices that have nourished his journey and research, paradigm changing experiences have been working with medicine chants and expanded consciousness in shamanic ceremonies, and the ongoing apprenticeship with music master Amit Carmeli, whose deep work has invited him to heal his relationship with music, showing him how to restore and trust the channel between his heart and voice.

The seminar is intensive: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 17:00. After previous arrangments there is a possibility of a sleepover for people from outside of Prague.

The workshop will be held in English and translated into Czech.

Price 195 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 35 EUR must be paid in advance.

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