Imaginarium - Body Transformations in Movement

Friday 18:00 – 20:00

9 lessons during 4 February – 15 April

A movement – dance course, full of imagination, playfulness, but also understanding of the enormous possibilities our body brings us once we’re able to discover, develop and explore it. You will experience what you had no idea could be experienced in your body, and you will understand that even more is always waiting for you. You will know what range of movements and feelings is available in the body, so that every moment of life can become an irresistible experience.

Evening movement improvisation, discovery of anatomy in motion, somatic exercises, dance, contact and peculiar poetry. We will prepare the body, mind and senses. Refine your perception, develop physical skills in motion. Develop sensitivity and strength. Cultivate a body agile, open and receptive, ready to let decisions as fast and clear as light travel through our nerve pathways. Keep the mind flexible to work in unexpected contexts. Use nonverbal communication. This work will help you find in your body the best place for experiences, a place enticing, full of life, change and surprise.

A course for those who want to surpass common notions of what can be experienced in the human body. Those who want to start using a new part of their physical and mental capacity and find out where it is possible to get through the art of imagination and dreaming. For contact improvisation dancers, performers and brave persevering enthusiasts who are willing to work on themselves.

After the course begins the group will continue as closed.

Zita Pavlištová

She teaches contact improvisation, dance and movement work with body. She passes on art of movement arousing feelings of strength, agility and enchantement. With her, you find out that physical activity brings a lot of energy if mind is correctly engaged and if imagination and physical perception are developed. Her lessons connect joy of movement, game and fantasy, the enhance perceptiveness of senses and their use for light and effortless movement.

As for her, movement and physical contact are not just a way to express oneself but also a way how to communicate with others. To become sensitive, know how to read intentions, make and change decisions in every minute, not being worried by possible mistakes. When you work with her you surpass your boundaries and you learn unstoppably, you explore new views on your body, on yourself and the world. She appeals you to new aspects and looks for ways to develop your abilities while feeling joy and desire to search further.

Price 120 Euros for 9 lessons during 4 February – 15 April (lessons do not take place on 18 February and 4 March). For reservation a deposit of 20 EUR needs to be paid in advance.

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