Immunity - The Secret in the Field of Knowing

28 – 31 October 2021

Function and dynamics of the immune system from the perspective of craniosacral biodynamics. The stunning seminar provides a comprehensive look at the immune system controlled by thymus and a variety of organs such as the spleen, liver, and entire lymphatic system. You will learn a unique unconventional approach with which can clean and revitalize these systems and multiply the power of immunity. An approach that allows you to continually repair and replace tissues and moves your body to the peak of health.

Etienne Peirsman will present advanced biodynamic work that is reflected at the cellular level and allows collaboration with stem cells. Along with him, we will explore the specialized immune system responsible for maintaining brain and spinal cord health in the dura mater – a unique environment that has completely different fluids, specialized glia, and stem cells that function in the glymphatic system that is so distinctive that it was observed only recently.

We will look at what the immune system does in a state of sleep that shuts down the thinking process. Where there’s nothing to take over. At this point, we connect to a field that contains all the information and that we can understand as universal knowledge or pure wisdom. Also craniosacral work brings us and then our clients to this state where time and identity disappear. Both the client and the practitioner become unity. They are in the ocean and are the ocean in which answers are freely available without asking questions.

Understanding the immune system poses special challenges. There is an enormous amount of detail, and it is necessary to establish a connection with cells too small to be able to palpate them. However, with a sufficient amount of practice, our sense of tactile perception is tuned so that we are able to “feel” even extremely small things, and especially perceive their immediate reaction to our presence. This perception is so exceptional that it immediately brings us into the present. When we perceive, we cannot think. And in that state it’s as if everything starts to fit together perfectly. Our thinking ceases to hinder the recovery process and the system works without our decision, evaluating or thinking. Being in it is delicate, and mere testimony is the appropriate and only possible way.

Seminar contents

  • New insights on the nature of the breath of life, how energy, light, vibration and speech work in a state of no-mind and how to use it all in our sessions will be presented.
  • What is the nature of stem cells, what are the memories of stem cells and where we can find stem cells. The answers will surprise you.
  • What is the immune system and what is an immune response.
  • Organs involved in the immune system, how they work and how to optimize their function.
  • What is unique about the immune system of the brain.
  • How to work with fragile arteries and veins in the brain. Which cells need to be addressed if they are to be restored, or brain tissues are to be restored.
  • Lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid, their same role, the same origin, how they differ and how to work with them both.
  • Origin and functioning of the whole lymphatic system and how to work with it.
  • Understanding the function of most immune cells and how to cooperate with them.
  • Practical experience: also exercises such as aortic plaque cleaning, recovery of arteries, veins and other tissues.

Etienne Peirsman (USA)

An charismatic personality with an extraordinary influence on the development of the craniosacral approach to life and a huge number of students and followers. His work has gone through a spectacular evolution from a mastery in biomechanical approach to biodynamics in its purest form. The specialty of his approach is the manifestation of the heart, the expression of the long tide and their connection to the meditative and enlightened states. He said, “Drop the word therapy. That is not who and what we are. Face it, you are perfect and your heart is perfect. ”

Originally a professor of biology, who worked in the field of emotional training, primal healing and meditation. He began teaching “craniosacral” in 1991, founded several craniosacral institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands, among them the Peirsman CS Academy and the Professional Association of Craniosacral Practitioners in which he still has a position of the grandfather. He also taught “craniosacral” for nearly 10 years in the US at the Academy of Healing Arts in New Mexico.

Etienne is also famous for his charming work with babies and the book Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children (North Atlantic Books, 2006), which was also published in Czech in 2015.

The event will take place in Trojická st. 10, Prague 2, near the riverbank, close to Charles or Palacky square.

The seminar is intensive: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:30 – 18:00, Sunday 9:30 – 17:00.

The seminar will be fully translated and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

Price 610 EUR + 128 EUR VAT when the deposit of 258 EUR is payed before 29 September 2021, after that the price is 690 EUR + 145 EUR VAT.

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