Morning Dance Playground

Thursday and Friday 7:30 – 9:00

(If you are about to come, please send an SMS to +420 723 253 757
an evening before.)

In the morning, when our body is yet slowed-down and still, before we have dragged it in business as usual, it is the most proper time to enliven and open all our senses, open to life, dance and flow. These words depict the morning in a space, where time flows easily, in the pace that is appropriate for us at the moment, where music sounds as if it came from a distance. The morning in the space, where we are together, but firstly everybody with themselves…. just listening to your body, where it wants to move and what it starts to experience through movement, touch and imagination.

Body has its ability to tune into its surroundings and to other bodies. It perceives and emits information. The space, all of us and our movement, this all is gradually making up a harmonic whole, which still preserves the freedom of every individual. We are recognizing our longing and follow it. A fresh power flows through us and grows.

„We recognize out desire and we follow it. Such is a morning in a space where where time flows exactly the way we just need it.“

Price 250 CZK.

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