On The Verge of Creation - Craniosacral Biodynamics

28 April – 1 May 2022

Intensive seminar dedicated to fascinating biodynamic work with children. Etienne Peirsman’s unique approach is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered in the field of craniosacral biodynamics. Even watching Etienne in this work will already leave a deep impression inside of you, an image of physical and mental harmony that builds a new birth experience.

Etienne shifts the focus of his work from mere therapeutic techniques to understanding the nuclei of a child’s brain. To when they turn on, what turns them off and how they can be turned on again with our help, by excluding aggression from the experience of childbirth. It awakens in us the idea and experience of how a real biodynamic birth should take place: the birth of a „new person“, a birth that respects the timing of nature without any further intervention.

In the workshop we will go through the various aspects of creation and growth, this time with the knowledge and resources of an adult. We will also go back to the time before conception, to the image in which you watch your mother and father make love and how they feel. All this will be reflected in your understanding today. We will have a chance to stop at given moments of development, and get rid of the cells that went out of the way, as well as confusing emotions.

Great emphasis will be placed on gaining experience of connection with the placenta. To understand its importance to a child’s growth. We will look at all the aggression that occurs during childbirth and how it shuts down some parts of the brain.

It will be a question of how we can achieve a reset of these brain nuclei, and the most important thing will be how to restore the perception of the connection with the placenta. We will look at lotus birth, how children born this way are different – they lack the needs that the rest of humanity, including us, have been forced to feel and satisfy.

We are also going to go through specific techniques for working with an infant and mother. Additionally we will focus on how to prepare father and mother for the birth process. There will be demonstrations of working with infants (0 to 15 months) and young children (3 to 12 years).

Etienne Peirsman (USA)

An charismatic personality with an extraordinary influence on the development of the craniosacral approach to life and a huge number of students and followers. His work has gone through a spectacular evolution from a mastery in biomechanical approach to biodynamics in its purest form. The specialty of his approach is the manifestation of the heart, the expression of the long tide and their connection to the meditative and enlightened states. He said, “Drop the word therapy. That is not who and what we are. Face it, you are perfect and your heart is perfect. ”

Originally a professor of biology, who worked in the field of emotional training, primal healing and meditation. He began teaching “craniosacral” in 1991, founded several craniosacral institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands, among them the Peirsman CS Academy and the Professional Association of Craniosacral Practitioners in which he still has a position of the grandfather. He also taught “craniosacral” for nearly 10 years in the US at the Academy of Healing Arts in New Mexico.

Etienne is also famous for his charming work with babies and the book Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children (North Atlantic Books, 2006), which was also published in Czech in 2015.

The venue is Trojická 10, Prague 2, near Palackého Square and Pod Emauzy Square.

The seminar is intensive: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:00 – 18:00.

The seminar will be fully translated and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

Price 740 EUR + 156 EUR VAT. For place reservation the deposit of 287 EUR needs to be paid in advance.

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