Open Floor Dance

Thursday 18:30 – 20:30

Open Floor Dance is both healing and a metaphor. It affects us without distinction, regardless of age, languages, cultures. It transforms our sorrows into art, awareness and action. It is powerful, revolutionary and cozy at the same time. The practice of Open Floor creates a community that sweats out its prayers, encourages the necessary change and provides a safe space for anyone who wants to shake their ego. Who wants to awaken a part of himself that is unpredictable, full of passion, fascinating, balancing on the edge and lacking freedom.

We awaken every part of the body with movement and take care of it with due attention. We listen to our bodies and let them speak in their own dynamic way. We will dance what is in us, the beautiful and what hurts us, and even things whose presence we do not even know.

The movement lifts the dancer’s sense of isolation. It allows him to transcend his ego, fills blood in his veins with life energy, sweat cleanses the soul and shows our existence as sacred. Movement awakens endless creativity in us. Dancing together connects us and evokes a feeling of unity with the tribe and the universe.

The practice of Open Floor brings a great feeling and introduces joy, creativity, courage, freedom, wildness, softness and space into life.

Olga Makovetska

She is a conscious dance teacher of the Open Floor International School. She perceives dance as the medium of joy and knowledge, where through movement and breath we learn to worship our physical body as a refuge, a tool of communication, perceiving the inner and outer world through it. Honoring the mind as it is, honoring feelings, emotions, relationships. Honoring your spirit, soul or essence – whatever you call it. In dance, she looks for a way to look at herself and the world around her as if it was for the first time. With childlike amazement and wisdom.

Her evenings are an invitation to dance meditation. Finding answers in the music stream. Discovering the Mystery of Life. The Open Floor movement practice allows you to embody your personal experience. It maps 4 dimensions of embodiment in combination with 4 types of saturation. It discovers sources of movement and cultivates them, anchors you in the body and allows you to follow cycles of movement. As the dancers reveal themselves, they are encouraged to spread their dance through body language, polarity, repetition, texture or flavor. You will experience the process of the art of movement, which is limitless.

Price 300 CZK.

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