Physical Poetics and Kinesthetic Awareness

weekend 2 – 3 October 2021

mind-work, body-work and art-making

A fusion of technical movement development, felt creative work, and restorative bodywork. We’ll have a hybrid journey through material from contact improvisation, authentic movement, experiential anatomy, Grotowskian paratheatrical work, somatic psychology, martial arts, and other explorations from the performance work of Body Research Physical Theater.

We play back and forth between using the mind to deconstruct and study and then letting go into sensation, process, and abandoned flow, aiming to emerge with more tools for enjoying being in the world through our bodies and making art out of kinesthetic and sensory experience.

We’ll take time for slow and gentle movement to calm the nervous system, drop reactive compulsion, and allow a more profound felt sense of the body.

We’ll take time to follow sensation and unfolding process, finding hidden voices in the body, quiet and loud, tranquil and wild, controlled and abandoned.

We’ll take time to explore body mechanics and functional body use that cultivates soft power and lightness in both solo exploration and in partnering.

Exploring a play of physical poetics, we look for the sense of meaning that can only emerge, not be forced, but learn tools that set the stage for that sense of meaning to emerge.

The journey will be improvised based on the collective that comes together and the flow of material that arises.

We’ll have some time to integrate through jaming and long movement scores.

Karl Frost (USA)

He has been practicing, performing, and teaching contact improvisation and interdisciplinary, dance-based performance since the mid 1980’s in California. His work has been showcased over the last 3 decades across 5 continents, both in established institutions/universities and in independent studios and theaters. Known internationally for his dynamic movement style and for the edge-pushing nature of his work, both in process and performance, his performances take the body and emotionally and physically felt experience as their reference points. He is known for his articulate teaching and the depth of the material that he accessibly offers. He began his movement explorations in martial arts as a teenager, before expanding his studies to contemporary dance, contact improvisation, physical theater and a variety of somatic practices.

His performance work, via his company, Body Research Physical Theater, explores postdramatic works rooted in somatic psychology and paratheatrical exploration, alternating between stage productions and highly interactive performance happenings exploring audience agency and personal meaning. A base of his movement practice and teaching is the Passive Sequencing work which he has developed, cultivating ease and presence in motion, soft power through movement intelligence, and the pleasure of finer moment-to-moment awareness of self and partner in motion.

He has a BA in Physics, an MFA in Dramatic Arts, and a PhD in Ecology. Currently, he is a research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Human Behavior, Ecology, and Culture in Leipzig, Germany.

Zita Pavlištová (Czechia)

She teaches contact improvisation, dance and movement work with body. She passes on art of movement arousing feelings of strength, agility and enchantement. With her, you find out that physical activity brings a lot of energy if mind is correctly engaged and if imagination and physical perception are developed. Her lessons connect joy of movement, game and fantasy, the enhance perceptiveness of senses and their use for light and effortless movement.

As for her, movement and physical contact are not just a way to express oneself but also a way how to communicate with others. To become sensitive, know how to read intentions, make and change decisions in every minute, not being worried by possible mistakes. When you work with her you surpass your boundaries and you learn unstoppably, you explore new views on your body, on yourself and the world. She appeals you to new aspects and looks for ways to develop your abilities while feeling joy and desire to search further.

She is one of the few teachers of contact improvisation in the Czech Republic. She teaches in Prague wher she founded Druna – space for development of artistic and therapeutic disciplines which are closely connected to body. She also provides workshops in Brno, Spain, Poland, Germany and Philipines.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 and Sunday 9:00 – 17:00. It is open to anyone regardless of age or previous experience.

Price 140 EUR. For place reservation the deposit of 40 EUR needs to be paid in advance.

Price 110 EUR if the deposit is paid before 27 September.

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