Process Psychology - Deeper Meaning of Relationship

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Wednesday 21 October, 18:00 – 22:00

Gary Reiss – the world-renowned therapist and teacher will present his original approach to Process-Oriented Work with relationships, which is based on the original methods of Process Work and the recent knowledge of the „Second Training“ – the progressive wing of Process Work.

The seminar is intended for professionals in all related fields, including therapists and coaches, and anyone who wants to understand relationships and improve their relationship life.

Process-oriented work establishes a connection with what is taking place deep beneath our problems and external symptoms. It cultivates in us the ability to reveal a hidden process that tries to solve something and connects us with it. Process work teaches how to observe the invisible nature of things by awareness, whether it is an individual, a couple, a family or the world. It often reveals to us the surprising reasons and causes of phenomena, problems and events and helps us to join the process at the level of mind, body and spirit and help it reach a solution. When we follow the process with great interest, precision and respect, even the most stuck chronic problems can be put back into flow with the power of awareness.

Process work has powerful tools to solve the most difficult problems in a relationship. It teaches us to see its deeper meaning and thus move it to another level. It can bring together even the most distant polarities and help dissolve the conflict and turn it into a new interplay. The seminar leads you to realize the many miracles, challenges and tensions in each relationship and to see it as the greatest teacher.

It will introduce you to the following areas:

  • understanding the role of our families in our current relationships
  • uorking with the foundation “childhood dreams” of our relationships
  • basic conflict work
  • X and U conflict work – utilize the Earth to move through your deepest polarities
  • 4 phase conflict work – learning to flow through all the phases of conflict to not get stuck and maximize chances for a positive resolution
  • freeing ourselves from old repetitive relationship patterns

Dr. Gary Reiss (USA)

A rare figure in the therapeutic world. A dreaming man whose job is his life’s mission. He has dedicated more than 40 years of his therapeutic practice to uncovering the unique possibilities of process-oriented work and its development. He achieves extraordinary therapeutic results in areas such as trauma therapy, sexuality treatment and family therapy. His greatest passions include delicate topics such as therapy with clients in a coma or working with extreme states.

Gary is a personality surrounded by the charm of cordiality and genuine interest in others. He masters the art of creating an environment of understanding and satisfaction. He believes in the individual process of each client and in his power to own his own life.

More than twenty years ago, during one of his visits to Israel, he was asked, due to his abilities, to mediate in the settlement of the national conflict between Palestinians and Jews. Since then, he has also helped to solve ethnic and national unrests in hot areas all over the world. His experience in resolving extreme conflicts allows him to see the hidden dynamics of often no less radical conflicts within the family or in relationships.

Gary is a profound teacher, surrounded by a magical ability to penetrate many levels of consciousness at once. He is extremely sensitive to his students, he reacts smoothly to them in a direct way, but with a unique sensitivity. His way of teaching leads through personal experience and story, which creates an image and invites into the world of symbolism and metaphor. He has a huge sense of humor, a lightness that creates a surprisingly colorful and fun atmosphere for learning difficult topics. Gary is also a very physical person, which helps students connect more deeply with the inner consciousness of their own body. When you’re near Gary, you always feel at ease. You feel respected and welcome.

The seminar takes place online on the Zoom platform and is open to everyone without the need for previous experience.

The seminar will be held in English and will be consecutively translated into Czech.

You will receive additional information, including connection details, no later than the day before the start by email. If you do not see the message, check your tabs for promotion, spam and in case you still cannot find it contact us at +420 723 078 959.

Price 75 EUR incl. VAT per person. The course fee is paid in advance. The reservation created by paying the course fee is binding.

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Process Oriented Psychology

The method includes mind, body, and spirit. It combines into one framework the original techniques of dreamwork, work with bodily symptoms, relationships, work in altered and extreme states, work in movement, meditation, inner work and deep work with the body. It consists of the following ideas:

1: Growth and learning happen at the edges of awareness and identity

Process work facilitates expansion beyond what is known and dominant by honoring and embracing what is marginal. Our progress takes place on the borders of consciousness, by including our rejected, emerging or yet unknown parts of self-perception and repertoire of our behavior. Also within society, people and groups on the margins – the artists, the irrepressible outcasts, and those that refuse to be silenced – have always been a source of creativity and cultural transformation.

2: The bad things that happen can sometimes be the best things

… if you learn from it you cannot lose. In the process, we use learning while struggling and inspiration from obstacles and pain. We notice their purpose, hidden benefits and secondary gains. Embracing what hurts us, putting ourselves in it and skillfully exploring it with the right mindset can lead us to discover the meaning, purpose, or new direction that awaits. Do not avoid obstacles – it will only deepen them. Instead, enlarge, aggravate, and amplify them in your own imagination. Examine them in great detail and be open to unexpected knowledge and solutions.

3: Harmony needs dissonance

We tend to get rid of what opposes us or just doesn’t suit us. However, this way of thinking and acting is not sustainable. Deep democracy, the philosophical basis of process work, shows that it is necessary to give space to all voices and all ways of perceiving reality in order to understand the whole – the system. When we let different voices be heard, including emotional and extreme ones, which are often excluded from public speech, interaction and dialogue, human connections and unexpected solutions are created.

Process work moves people, teams, communities from division and conflict to collaboration and learning. When we ignore parts of ourselves, neglect minorities, oppress or abuse weaker parts of the whole, a crisis ensues. Get to know and understand the marginal individuals of your community as well as your own madness and rejected tendencies.

Gary Reiss on extreme states

4: Reality has many dimensions

Process work values multiple realities: the measurable, the objective, the subjective, the psychological, the dream and the unspeakable spiritual realities without borders. Conflict arises when people meet and communicate with each other from different levels of experience. If we begin to respect the reality of the other, communication is more effective and conflicts are alleviated.

Although people emphasize the facts: those measurable, objective, and evidence-based aspects of reality, they often behave, live, and love according to their subjective, emotional, and irrational experiences, feelings, and dreams. Listen and consider deeply the perspectives that originate in your dreams, in nature, and in altered states of consciousness. We can become even more awake if we recognize and appreciate the different levels of experience in others and in us.

5: Power is your friend

Power comes from many places and has many forms. An essential part of our development is the recognition of the power that has been given to us by the color of our skin color, gender, nationality, social status. It is essential for personal growth and development to enter your innate or hard-won strength. A special group of personal forces are the so-called soft forces. They include self-confidence, the ability to show vulnerability, indulge in insecurity, lead or follow gracefully, receive feedback, and express a wide range of emotions. These should be accepted and celebrated, as they can be used for the benefit of people and communities.

Process work explores many dimensions of social, personal or status power. You are learning to use your earned and innate privileges correctly. And to be more agile if you are in a position of hierarchical power.

6: You don’t have to know anything to dream

We are naturally creative and imaginative, but unfortunately we lose this innate ability while growing up. The process supports us and teaches us to dream again. We re-nurture our imagination, support the mind in wandering and fantasizing, we learn to notice seemingly insignificant signals, flirts and tendencies. At the same time, we discover that new things arise from the wisdom of our deepest selves. If you dare to dive deep into your unique self, you will find your greatest teacher.

Everyone can develop their own way of observing visions, bodily perceptions, movements, surrounding signals and use them for their own growth. Process work offers a number of methods and skills that allow you to immerse yourself deeply in the uniqueness of experiences and provide access to inner wisdom.

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