Soul Motion: Next Steps

weekend 15 – 16 October 2022

Prague, Czechia

A dance workshop of free dance under the guidance of Vincent Martínez-Grieco, the legendary founder of the Soul Motion dance practice. You will develop your kinesthetic sense, the ability to live inside the body and give it all the care. You will learn what conscious dance is and experience an extraordinary somatic journey.

In the dance practice that has reached hundreds and thousands of people around the world, a space opens up in which you can land in your body. Vincent guides you to somatic awareness and sensory perception. You listen to the body from the inside, you listen to the space and the music that surrounds you. You meet others and your dance flows freely, transcending and entering reality. In dance, you will learn how somatic and simple our soul is and how it brings movement to the body through sensations. It leads us into a dance that is in perfect connection with what is happening inside us and in the space around us.

Those who experienced Vincent’s workshops say: It’s like dancing with life. In the end, you don’t know where you start and where you end. It is a spiritual, transcendental experience. It’s like you’ve been locked in a cage all your life and you’re finally let out into the world. You feel free and perceive so many wonderful things in yourself and in the whole space. You are experiencing the beauty of the soul and you are with everyone who is in the space.

There are few places today where you can learn directly from the wisdom of the body, and Vincent’s workshops are one of them. Inside the body you will meet the intelligence that moves us. There is a harmony between brain and heart, between thinking and feeling. We learn to take care of ourselves, we learn who we are by ourselves and in relation to others and in the space where we move.

Such a dance practice has the power to heal and can keep a person vital, strong and full of energy for a lifetime.

Soul Motion: Next Steps

A practice that teaches to perceive every transformation as a dance – a constant shifting of form.
The essence of the dance is to experience each passing moment as an enchanting landing place. A dancer learns to move in different fields. You work in the inner field, discovering darkness, pulsation, presence, contemplation and the vast space of imagination and attention that resides behind your eyes. You work in the outer field – in the hall, which is his teacher, calls you and reacts to everything as an alert living intelligence. Next Steps follows the presence of an intimate dancer in an infinite field and the presence of an infinite dancer in the intimate field. Poetic guidance and beautiful music accompany the journey.

Soul Motion teaches dancing through four relational landscapes:

  • Alone, we discover our relationship with our body as a shifting shape in space.
  • With each other: inspired by interior impulses, sensations, and images, the dancer joins with another in a field of common exploration.
  • With everyone: we begin to move in ever widening circles receiving and releasing the dance within a wider view of all those present.
  • Infinity: you take the dance from the dance floor to your everyday life while being more aligned and embodied with an enhanced perception.

Next Steps adds three basic types of activities:

  • Pause Presence – A go-to place in the dance that opens the dancer to the benefits of active stillness and a relaxed view of the witness..
  • Orbit Orientation – The dancer is realigned with the natural movement of spiral and circle both within and outwardly.
  • Echo of inspiration – The dancer is ushered into the creative field of inspiration being received and released.

Vincent Martínez-Grieco (USA)

Extraordinary dancer and teacher formerly known as Vinn Arjuna Martí. He is the creator of Soul Motion® and Conscious Dance Practice. He has now developed his teachings into the movement practice of Soul Motion Next Steps, which has touched the lives of many people around the world. In his workshops, he facilitates an encounter with the intelligence of the body that moves us all and that we often give way when we relax and let it manifest.

Vincent has dedicated his life to dance, he dances at every moment of the day and it has always been his desire to dance with people in all ways possible. He is kind and engaging, has wonderful relationships with his students, and has built a great community and many friendships. He gives back to people what he received as a gift: the ability to relax in dance, the playfulness in dance and the accessibility of dance for everyone at every moment. He has the gift of creating an environment where it is possible to enter and immerse yourself.

There is no prior experience necessary to participate in the seminar.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday and Sunday 9.30 – 17.00.

After prior arrangements there a possibility of sleepover for participants from outside Prague.

Price 255 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 65 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price 215 EUR if the deposit is paid until 3 October.

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