Systemic Ritual® and the Shamanic Wheel

a workshop that can be a breathtaking game as well as a significant life choice

25 – 27 June 2021

The systemic ritual is very alive and dynamic. It sheds a different light on things and allows transformation. It is a way to work with archetypal systems. A shamanic work that can bring movement into areas of life where we feel trapped, isolated, stuck and confused. Using this method, it is possible to touch on specific situations ranging from individual to extensive collective experiences.

In such ritual, we bring into one space different elements of a specific situation or part of a particular system in which the event takes place. We then identify and strengthen the sources of power and movement. We create space for movement and healing in those parts of the system where energy is bound, held back and cannot flow in its natural directions.

The whole group participates in the ritual. As in old traditional shamanic practices where the group gathered to treat one or more individuals. Each participant contributes its irreplaceable part. In this way, the whole community is being healed and everyone involved is going to benefit.

The Shaman Wheel is the main tool. It allows to make full use of the possibilities that the ritual has. It brings movement and the ability to orientate into it. It teaches us about the natural, continuous flow of life. The principle of the shamanic wheel stems from observing nature in relation to the four directions and in connection with natural cycles that are repeated at any moment, in the course days, months, years, life, and beyond life and death.

The wheel has 4 directions and it is a map. It offers clear and dynamic ways to recognize, accept and connect with different parts of us, where we experience ourselves in a closed, chaotic, disconnected or overwhelming way, which can confuse us, take away energy from us and cause anxiety in us. When we see and experience these parts of ourselves as natural within the wheel of life, we get more room for movement, healing and integration in areas where we feel stuck and disconnected.

What is awaiting us

  • We will learn in an experimental and very dynamic way the basic structure of the wheel: how the four directions are associated with the four seasons, with the monthly cycles and with the time of day.
  • We will create different archetypal wheels based on situations, questions and research from the lives of the participants. Thematically, themes can be associated with intimate relationships, sexuality, relationship of body, mind, emotion and spirit, connection with family and ancestors, work and creativity, completion, freeing from ties, and so on.
  • We will work with a systemic ritual, go through it and experience different areas, qualities and possibilities in each specific round.

As we move through the wheel and rituals, we will deepen our consciousness of the body, mind and emotions, sing, rattle and drum, dance and move, express with our voice and share.

The element of prayer is an essential component of the work. It creates a state of being, receptive to the natural intelligence and healing power of the field.

The systemic ritual was created by my teacher Daan Van Kampenhout, who has been practicing shamanism since he was sixteen. He worked closely with Bert Helinger in the field of systemic constellations. His questions, searching and experiencing have brought to life this very new, alive and dynamic form.

It is a work of love, respect and compassion …. for oneself, for others, for the community of us as human beings and for the life itself.

Komala de Amorim (Brazil)

I am born in Brazil, where I graduated in Art Education and start exploring the voice and spontaneous singing as ways to make contact with my inner self. In my early twenties I moved to India and lived for many years at the Osho meditation Resort, where I learned, experienced and taught a variety of transpersonal and meditative therapies, self-development techniques and body-work.

Many years of meditation practice, self-enquiry and singing skills, combined with exploration of spiritual traditions as Zen, Sufism and Tantra, and various western therapeutic methods are the base of my work. I am trained in: Craniosacral Biodynamic; Primal Therapy and Sexual-de-conditioning, Essence Work and Chakra Balancing, Hara Awareness Massage, Voicing, Awareness Intensive, Satori, Die Before you Die.

My own inner process and the learning of different techniques made me understand that all the methods brings me to myself, when the longing is deep and the search is sincere. This passion I have been sharing through courses and trainings around the world, and those meetings have been a very precious teaching. When human beings come together, with the intention to expand their life and discover their inner reality, magic happens and everyone that is part of it grows.

The workshop is intensive: Friday 16:00 – 19:30, Saturday 9:30 – 19:00 and Sunday 9:30 – 17:00 and is open to everyone regardless of age and previous experience. For the enquiry about the possibility of sleepover reach us at

Price 220 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 70 EUR must be paid in advance.

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