The Sacred Feminine Temple and the Big Mother

In this module we start creating our feminine temple, a sacred circle to connect with other women, to give and receive support and to enter in intimacy with our feminine qualities. We support each other to open our bodies and our hearts and to create a safe and nourishing space where we can contact our fears, shame and all the conditionings that are on the way for our full aliveness, sensuousness and our natural capacity to love.

We will work with the Mother’s Archetype, bringing awareness and healing light to the way we got influenced by our mothers and female ancestors – the beliefs and conditionings about what is it to be a woman, about sexual energy and connection with the body, and about intimate relationships.

We will go through group dynamics, rituals and initiation in order to complete energies that may be still held in the body-mind system from the connection with our female ancestor. As we liberate the energies from old experiences we honor our roots as the source of life force, and create space to receive the gifts of essential feminine qualities from the “Big Mother” and her unconditional love. We clear the way for a deeper intimacy with ourselves and for the full right to live and express our sexual energy in our unique way.

GODDESSES: Lakshmi – Bhuvaneshwari – Kwan Yin