Trager® approach - new professional training

13 – 18 April 2021

By graduating in this training you are going to get an internationally valid certificate. You can become one of the first practitioners of Trager® approach in the Czech republic, because here the training is going be open for only the second time.

This method surprises with its effects without the effort of straightening or fixing. Instead it brings the client pleasant feelings of effortless movement and develops his perception of himself. That in turn activates the ability of the body to release blockages and stress, to relax and regain balance.

When the boxing coach for the first time let his trainee to give him a massage he was not expecting that in the hand of Milton Trager there is an ability soon to astonish him and reach a wide fame. Milton has successfully applied his approach to anyone who was interested (including people suffering from emphysema, asthma, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, polio or painful back). In the end the interest for the method was so large that he followed the requests and started to teach his approach.

The method is playful and incorporates and nurtures intuition. It offers a chance to experience a difference between just touching and a receptive sensing of touch. It has two form – „tablework“ is a work of the therapist with a client during which the therapist provides the client with sensations of weight, pressure and movement. During „mentastics” the client works actively and the sensations originate in his own movement.

Trager reaches deep into the tissues without any use of pressure. It supports the idea that it is the feeling experience of the client that is most important. As the client integrates the feeling experience – of being lighter, being more grounded, being more free – then real change in the pattern of holding tension is possible. Through the therapists use of rocking, elongating and softly coaxing exploration, the client can have an experience of letting go.

What if it was true: The less you do, the more effective your work becomes!

In case you would like to sign up for the training and you haven’t been to any of the introductory seminars yet contact us as soon as possible.


Trager® is a somatic exploration, movement research, known as the integration of body and mind. It is the innovative approach to movement education, created and developed over a period of 65 years by Milton Trager, M.D. The Trager Approach helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.

There are two aspects of the Trager Approach: tablework, when the client is passive, and mentastics, when the client is working actively. During the table work session the client is passive and lying on a comfortably padded table. The practitioner moves the client in ways they naturally move, and with a quality of touch and movement such that the recipient experiences the feeling of moving that effortlessly and freely on his/her own. This quality of effortless movement is maintained and reinforced by Mentastics. These are simple, active, self induced movements which you, the client, can do on your own, during your daily activities. They have the same intent as the table work in terms of releasing deep-seated patterns.

The Trager approach is relatively easy to learn when you’re ready to feel and observe your feelings. Then, deep relaxing healing in many levels is happening. One of the most potent aspects of the Trager Approach is the ability to recall the feeling of deep relaxation, and how it feels to move freely and easily.

Who is this training program for?

It is for bodyworkers, therapists and healing professionals. For interested lay people in a time of reorientation. For anyone interested in self-exploration and inquiry through body-mind-spirit awareness.

Study plan

Complete training is divided into several parts:

1. Level 1 13 – 18 April 2021 6 days
2. Applied anatomy 1      2 – 4 July 2021 3 days
3. Mentastics 3 – 5 September 2021      3 days
4. Level 2 7 – 12 December 2021 6 days
5. Applied anatomy 2 4 – 6 March 2022 3 days
6. Level 3 6 – 10 July 2022 5 days

After completion of each of the three Levels it is necessary:

  • to give at least 30 training sessions
  • to receive 10 sessions (2 of them have to be from a certified practitioner – teacher, assistent)
  • to pass three professional supervisions or consultations (Ingrid Hörlezeder)

Preliminary calculation

The price of the training program, i.e. 26 teaching days, is approximately 3 450 EUR + VAT (it depends on the current exchange rate of euro). The payment is going to be carried out in parts, the price of the last 5-day block 665 EUR + 140 EUR (VAT) is going to be payed before the training starts and serves as a confirmation of the liability to attend the whole training. The other blocks are to be payed always one month before the block begins.

Treatments from certified practitioners and supervisions which are necessary to attend after each of the levels (see the study plan) is paid separately. The price of a treatment from a certified practitioner is around 75 EUR and the price of supervision on average around 90 EUR.

Luca Di Napoli (Italy)

main teacher of the training

An extraordinarily experienced lecturer, not only in Trager approach but also in Feldenkrais method, Rolfing and several other methods. He is a direct student of Milton Trager and his teaching is inspired by multiple ideas which come from what he has arrived at over the course of his practice.

He got interested in working with the body as a result of his back problems after several accidents. First it was Alexander technique, then a complete training of Rolfing in the style of Jack Painter and his Postural integration, but he wasn’t satisfied. There was too much pain involved. Finally he turned to Feldenkrais method and Trager approach.

Because at that time Milton Trager was still alive he decided to take the training and he has become a teacher under his guidance. Then, over the course of the next four years, he also went through a lecturer training in Feldenkrais method. On the background of it all he has been taking care of the family vineyards in Tuscany where started to farm in the spirit of biodynamic agriculture.

Piermario Clara (Italy)

teacher of anatomy

A teacher full of energy and joy of what he’s doing. The source of his interest in healing bodywork is his life-long love for sports and sporting competition in disciplines such as basketball, long-distance running, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and kayaking, which he has also done as a trainer.

He studied and practices a wide range of methods such as lymphatic massage, kinesiology, postural integration, craniosacral therapy and, above all, Trager’s approach which forever changed his life. He became a practitioner and in the 45th year of his life he left everything else so that he and his wife could set up Spazio PMR – a center of dance, theater and mainly the teachings of Milton Trager.

He currently enjoys life in the company of his four cats, his wife Marie, three children and two grandchildren – but he does not feel like a grandfather in the slightest. He regularly practices trail running, nordic walking and trekking among the beauties of Alps.

Ingrid Hörlezeder (Austria)

consultation, treatment

Ingrid is an musician, dancer, teacher, Trager® practitioner and tutor. She found her love for bodywork and dance in 1990 during a contact improvisation class. Since then she has been investigating towards more freedom, flexibility, connection, comfort and health in her own body and in the bodies of her clients and students. On this journey she reached a certificate as somatic movement therapist (USA) as well as TRAGER® Practitioner and she is holding a masters in Music and Movement education (university of music Vienna).

Deposit of 805 EUR must be payed via bank transfer to enter the training. (In case you need to consult about an individual payment distribution contact us at

Level 1 (6 days)

Price of the first six-day block 796 EUR + 167 EUR VAT is going to be payed in cash before the seminar starts.

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