Tuning Your Body - Trager® and Contact Improvisation

weekend 23 – 24 October 2021

This movement workshop combines the Trager® method and contact improvisation into one enchanting whole. It shows the common essence of both approaches and enhances the physical experience you can achieve in one or the other area. A workshop in which you will learn the universal movement principles inherent in both disciplines, work with them and develop them in your body.

You will be sensing – feeling – touching – enjoying – floating – flying

Synergy of both approaches will allow you to expand the body’s understanding, movement intelligence and your sensitivity. It will advance your skills if you are a Trager® student or practitioner, as well as offer you a new, deeper way to work with your body if you are a contact improvisation dancer. You will learn how perception is related to the ability to move easily, efficiently and accurately, and how physical contact provides much information for movement.

What is the essence of Trager® Approach?

  • Letting gravity happen
  • Touching
  • Feeling
  • Playing
  • Letting go of patterns
  • Finding new relationships

What is the essence of contact improvisation?

  • Letting gravity happen
  • Touching
  • Feeling
  • Playing
  • Letting go, falling, flying, rolling
  • Following the rolling point

This class is designed to help dancers, to be more clear in their movements.

This class is designed to help TRAGER® Students to experience their “work” as an effortless dance.

This class is designed for every human being, who likes to play with touch and movement.

Ingrid Hörlezeder (Austria)

Ingrid is a somatic movement therapist and qualified Trager® practitioner and is a tutor in the Trager® training program. She leads her practice in Vienna and stands out above others with her extraordinarily fine and transforming quality of touch, which has its roots in the deep connection with her own body. The connection she built long before she taught movement disciplines and modern movement techniques based on somatic research for over 22 years. She has been dancing contact improvisation for three decades.

Her openness, curiosity and joy with which she brings you into the world of movement and physical connections show you another, more effective approach to knowledge about body and movement. She takes you on a research journey and allows you to develop your own playful approach to everything related to the body, movement, learning and healing, letting go of the burden we carry.

The workshop is intensive: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 – 17:30 and is open to anyone regardless of age and previous experience. For the enquiry about the possibility of sleepover reach us at druna@druna.cz.

Price 160 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 55 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price 135 EUR if the deposit is paid until 7 October.

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