Contact Improvisation - Weightless Games

Thursday 9:30 – 11:30

10 lessons during 5 October – 7 December

Contact improvisation, dance, martial arts. Morning movement training for those who want to experience new adventures in their body, cultivate and explore abilities that we have not even dreamt about. We will open the door to the world of movement enjoyment and perceptions. We will uncover idle capacity of the body, ability to react exactly to current situation.

There will be a lot of physical and mental training. We will learn to move precisely and effortlessly, to communicate without words, to perceive different qualities. Mind becomes flexible and it will work in unexpected contexts. You will cultivate your body so that it becomes agile, open and receiving, ready to have decisions as fast and bright as light go through the nervous pathways.

Games and collective experience, that’s what attracts both men and women. We will experience many cool kinaesthetic perceptions in unconventional simple exercises. We will open new possibilities in movement, dance, physical communication. Enlivening for the days to come. Developing abilities to perceive sensitively. Orientation in anything that moves. We support and teach each other, cheer on for others, and enjoy each other. You will be welcome and expected.

Contact Improvisation

It’s a form of movement, dance, where we sense each other through touch. Through touch we give a support to each other, we lead and we let us be led, we take on the weight of the other or transfer our weight to them, we provoke and temper a fall, give energy to fly and fly, carried away by a place where we touch our partner. All the time with the feeling of freedom, efortlessly, using physical laws that, after some practice, are well understandable for our body itself, rather than let it be controlled by our mind. Our mind just watches, wonders and enjoys.

There are a lot of ways how to touch. In an ordinary life, as well as in the contact improvization, we usually use just few from the whole possible spectrum. The quality of our touch decides about how our partner is going to react, how much we will connect and what will come out of it. We will learn how to disentangle from our old habits. We will try to discover the whole scale of forms of touch. Develop the qualities that are not inherent to us, not just use them, but become them, until they are varied by another form. The lessons can be very colourful, beneficial, incitory and alluring for both the beginners and the advanced, who want to investigate their potential up to the boundaries. It is the time for us to broaden our horizons and let our glimmerings physical fulfillment.

Zita Pavlištová

She teaches contact improvisation, dance and movement work with body. She passes on art of movement arousing feelings of strength, agility and enchantement. With her, you find out that physical activity brings a lot of energy if mind is correctly engaged and if imagination and physical perception are developed. Her lessons connect joy of movement, game and fantasy, the enhance perceptiveness of senses and their use for light and effortless movement.

As for her, movement and physical contact are not just a way to express oneself but also a way how to communicate with others. To become sensitive, know how to read intentions, make and change decisions in every minute, not being worried by possible mistakes. When you work with her you surpass your boundaries and you learn unstoppably, you explore new views on your body, on yourself and the world. She appeals you to new aspects and looks for ways to develop your abilities while feeling joy and desire to search further.

She is one of the few teachers of contact improvisation in the Czech Republic. She teaches in Prague wher she founded Druna – space for development of artistic and therapeutic disciplines which are closely connected to body. She also provides workshops in Brno, Spain, Poland, Germany and Philipines.

Price 3 260 CZK for 10 lessons during 5 October – 7 December. For reservation a deposit of 760 CZK needs to be paid in advance.

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