Primal Feelings - Healing Our Inner Child

22 – 24 November 2024

Most of the difficulties we find, as adults in relating to people, to life and to ourselves has its origin in the first seven years of our lives. When, at those early ages, we didn’t receive the love, care and touch that is every child’s primary need, and many times instead we have been punished, not accepted and/or neglected, we create protective layers in order not to feel the hurt. Those layers – that manifests in our physical, energetic and mental bodies – cover our essential qualities and the true potential we are all born with.

In this course, we are going to reconnect our child – that is still living inside of us – waiting to be freed to live its full potential. This process involves going back to the past, consciously, within an ambiance of support and loving care of the group structure. We are going to meet our parents and caretakers from that time, in order to complete unfinished situations. This can be a painful process, as the protective layers have been created not to feel the hurt from situations at that time. And it is also very touching and liberating, to free and regain the energy of the primary feelings and emotions that were our first language as a small child. When we give space and recognition to our „inner child“ and its needs, it doesn’t need to act out its wounds in our present daily life. This is a process of freeing oneself as well as all the people involved in your past story.

An important part of the work is to contact our „wise adult“. This is a part of every human being that embodies the universal love and care of existence, it has always been, and will always be whole. From this perspective, we connect with our „inner child“; we support its process and take care of its needs.

This is a work of initiation into becoming a full adult human being. We take responsibility for our lives and start seeing the experiences from the past as possibilities to grow; and we learn to give space and absorb in our system the aliveness, spontaneity, freshness and creativity of our child’s energy.

Komala de Amorim (Brazil)

I am born in Brazil, where I graduated in Art Education and start exploring the voice and spontaneous singing as ways to make contact with my inner self. In my early twenties I moved to India and lived for many years at the Osho meditation Resort, where I learned, experienced and taught a variety of transpersonal and meditative therapies, self-development techniques and body-work.

Many years of meditation practice, self-enquiry and singing skills, combined with exploration of spiritual traditions as Zen, Sufism and Tantra, and various western therapeutic methods are the base of my work. I am trained in: Craniosacral Biodynamic; Primal Therapy and Sexual-de-conditioning, Essence Work and Chakra Balancing, Hara Awareness Massage, Voicing, Awareness Intensive, Satori, Die Before you Die.

My own inner process and the learning of different techniques made me understand that all the methods brings me to myself, when the longing is deep and the search is sincere. This passion I have been sharing through courses and trainings around the world, and those meetings have been a very precious teaching.
When human beings come together, with the intention to expand their life and discover their inner reality, magic happens and everyone that is part of it grows.

The workshop is intensive: Friday 9.30 – 19.00, Saturday 9.30 – 19:00 and Sunday 9.30 – 18:00 and it is open to everybody. People from out of Prague can sleep on Druna (after previous communication).

Price 298 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 122 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price 272 EUR if the deposit is paid before 7 November.

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