ConTango Jam

Sunday 21 April 2024

19:00 – 21:00

Evening dance meeting for all who love contact improvisation and Argentine tango. It is full of irresistible music and allow you to rediscover dance passion, openness, sensitivity and spontaneous communication of bodies. You will experience freedom of movement and discover what it is to flare up in dance. Inspired by Javier Cura’s contact-impro-tango movement synthesis, the jams always open with a short introduction to help awaken your dance senses and gently draw you in.

Contact improvisation and tango, a range of diverse movements that are neither routine nor monotonous and are vital to our well-being. They also provide the opportunity to use touch as a tool for communication. They expand our perception of ourselves and each other. They allow us to be creative, playful and grounded and to seek a path to congruence.

No experience with these techniques is required and it is not necessary to have a partner. We will explore dance as an organic efficient movement. We will nurture the flow of movement between ourselves and our partners. Together we will create a movement piece that transcends each of us while belonging to both of us. We both influence it at first chaotically and only gradually come to harmony.

Anna and Vero

Anna is an experienced dancer who has studied movement and danced with Javier Cura for many years. She became enchanted with ConTango fifteen years ago and it has been an integral part of her dance world ever since. She enjoys every encounter in movement, every new discovery of connection and communication.

After years of somatics and dance improvisation, Vero wanted to dance in pairs again, and ConTango immediately won her over with its playfulness and connection to the earth. She loves to dance through life and entice others to do the same.

„In between jams led by Javier Cura, we all missed the opportunity to meet each other. This is a chance to experience that playful atmosphere again and nurture the movement that gives color and great flavor to life. To tune in to each other, to listen to ourselves and to others, to offer new impulses, to pass and take the initiative, to lead and follow, to experience the ebb and flow, the inhale and the exhale all experienced in connection with the earth and the one we are currently dancing with. Letting ourselves be surprised whether the music will lead us to gentle connection, joyful playfulness, or dynamic dancing and dramatic poses. There will be room for all of this in our evenings, all positions are welcome.“

The venue is Trojická 10, Prague.

It is not necessary to sign up in pairs. The jam is open to everyone regardless of age or movement experience.

Time 19:00 – 21:00

Price 300 CZK

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